Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy Monday: Organizing Your Work Space - O.H.I.O.

A former (and awesome) boss of mine (hi Danna) was pushing papers around her work table one day (not her desk)...and said - "I've touched this piece of paper 4 or 5 times already, you'd think I would've put it away by now"!

How many times have we done the same thing? She taught me a great lesson that day that I haven't forgotten since. She immediately got up and said she needed to get back on the OHIO Plan. The WHAT? The Only Handle It Once plan! O.H.I.O.!

Try this out today - while you are looking at your space that needs cleaning (for me, it's my computer desk)...get on the O.H.I.O. plan - and only handle it once! That means this: You have a piece of paper that needs to be filed with all your bills, but you need the receipt to attach to it before you file it away. So you put it in a pile of - I have to "do" something with everything in this pile"...But that was before the O.H.I.O. plan. On the Only Handle It Once plan, you get up - get the receipt and attach it and file it. No more piles!

Yes - easier said than done. But when you start making a true habit of does get easier. I promise!!! So try it out for the week. See the results for yourself! Finished getting organized before February comes! Have a GREAT week! -kg


George "G Man" Slade said... [Reply]

Nice idea,,,I'll put that idea in the "I should be doing this"

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