Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Monday: 10 Guilty Pleasures - And yes - they are FREE!

Although I have a lot ideas of things to blog about and share with you all, I'm wanting to skip over Busy Monday - and go straight to Edible Wednesday....but I just can't do that.

The week has to start with Busy Monday. So here it is. The topic I picked was actually from a post on Chris Brogan's blog. The post was 100 Blog topics I hope YOU write. I chose "10 Guilty Pleasures". It just sounds negative, doesn't it? But it's not. Not here anyway!

I love a good deal! And the only thing I love more than a good deal, is anything that's free! So I'm going to share with you 10 guilty pleasures (freebies) that are great for you, your business, blog or etsy shop!

1. Know your worth. I share this tip FREELY with more people than any other. Some time ago I went to a Chiropractic seminar, back when I worked as a Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant (aka - the Fun CA!). During the seminar we were asked to turn to someone sitting around us that we didn't know. We were then asked to tell them how much their Chiropractic care was going to cost for the whole year. We made up an astronomical number and couldn't laugh or smile while doing it. The whole point of the exercise, was to help us look someone in the eye that we didn't know and be comfortable telling them we were expensive, but worth it, that their health care was expensive, but worth it! If you can't look someone in the eye and tell them your worth, work on it! If you love what you are doing, and you are putting in all the effort one would expect, then, you are worth every penny.

2. Everyone should be on Facebook. My husband is not. My mother is not. But they should be. Why? Because everyone else is. We don't have to friend everyone in the world, but it's a great way to connect to your audience. And it's free! If you are not already a FAN of Kid is your chance!

3. Be a Chatty Kathy. If you are just starting out an Etsy store - or are already can still benefit from chatting and/or posting on forums. Newbies like me, need that online community to meet new people and get my store out there. You can also ask questions and get critiques on your store from other people that have been where you are! No matter what, it's free advertising. It gets your name out there. But set a limit or you might be on too long!

4. US - Small Business Administration. The Small Business Administration has endless amounts of free information. Need I say more about that?

5. Track your viewers. Site Meter and Feedjit. Know where your friends are coming from. Did you pay for advertising on someone elses blog or site? Is it working? These are the sites that will help you know it! (Feedjit is free for 10 days. Not bad to try it out!).

6. Want a cute blog for free? The Cutest Blog on the Block has endless amounts of HTML codes for really cute blogs!!!! They have FREE backgrounds, buttons, banners and so much more.

7. Comment on other Blogs. It's free. Find something you love and comment on it! Let the person know you were there! They just might to check out your site!

8. If you are an's a great site with the latest information, services, and a community full of women just like you! Women Entrepreneur

9. Journaling. Where have you been, where are you now, and where are you going? If you don't already have a place to write down your thoughts and daily happenings, here's an online journal to keep track of your personal or business everything! It's good to have a record of what phone calls you made, maybe your sales, or how you felt when you finally achieved your goal!

10. Twitter. I have a personal site I don't use. But will be setting up a Kid Giddy site later today!!! It's free folks! And again - everyone else is twittering about something - so I guess we can too!

All of this for free??? How can it be? I know - I thought the same thing. Sometimes - the best things in life are free! Which is why I'm still giving away 5 FREE gifts to my first 5 sales in my Etsy Shop! So get yours!!!

Thanks for following me! That's free too! I have lots of info to share, so follow along if you aren't already. Have a great and productive monday! See you on Edible Wednesday for our next yummy treat! k


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Good stuff, Kermy! Chris is always good inspiration, and you've come up with some great advice.

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