Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busy Monday: Contests...Have you entered one lately?

Did you ever realize there were so many creative contests going on today? Have you ever thought to enter one?

My first Contest entry was for the Amy Butler Midwest Modern Fabric Contest back in September 2009. I blogged about it here. And you can see all the entries on the Amy Butler Flickr Pool (starting with page 2 - because that's where my items are!)

It was so much fun - I wanted to do it again. So I've been keeping my eyes open for new contests and decided to share some with you all. These are not all for me and may not be all for you. Everyone has their thing. I think my twin sister could win the baking contests - but not me. I'm more the crafter side. (so is she - but she's really good at baking and making really cool birthday cakes for her boys!). Anyhoo....There are quite a few options here. Maybe one you will like, so check them out, and if you've never entered a contest, give it a try! You just might like it enough to do it again!

Instructables & Singer Halloween - (started last year - ends Nov 8, 2009 - HURRY!)
Craft: Singer Contest Me, My Scarf & I - Ends Nov 22, 2009 only US Residents
Cut Out & Keep - Current contest ends Nov 22, 2009....but they run a monthly contest!
Love to Sew - 6th Annual Love to Sew Quilt Contest - Ends Nov 30, 2009
Michaels: Handmade Holiday - Now thru Dec 20, 2009 (win a trip to NYC & Martha's show!)
Love to Sew - Fashion Design Contest
2nd Annual Vanna's Choice Contest - Ends on Feb 1, 2010 Craft Challenges - Always new Challenges!
American Sewing Expo - Passion for Fashion ending in July 2010; Art of the Quilt ending in Sept 2010
American Sewing Guild - 2010 Creativity Contest

Chefs & Bakers:
Cooking Contest Central - There's always a contest cookin' 'round here!
Pillsbury Monthly Bake Off Contest - November - Easy Party Appetizers
Creative Kids in the Kitchen - A 250 word essay on "how you promote creativity in the kitchen with your kids", Ends Dec 4, 2009
Just Tomatoes (their contests for adults and kids have ended, but they will most likely run again in the future!)

Eco Friendly:
Ready Made Magazine - There are no contests now that I can find, but they often have a challenge in their magazines each month - like what to do with a bunch of used plastic spoons. And the magazine rocks!

☺ Please understand that you should check out ALL of the Rules and Regulations and all of the Terms and Conditions of any and ALL contests you may wish to enter. Please read the fine print and know if you are being asked to sign away the rights with your submission. Kid Giddy is not responsible for any contest you enter and lose as a result of this post...but should you win a contest as a result of this post - please come back and let me know so we can share it with everyone else!☺

Have a great day! And if you know of any other contests, like good Photography or Metalsmithing contests...please post them here to share! Thanks, k

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ps again....all the images are Copyright and owned by their respective Companies. Should you wish for me to remove your image from this post, please advise and I will respectfully comply!


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