Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy Monday: Fabric GUESStimation Jar

I've been so swamped that I almost forgot to post something for today's Busy Monday. So on that note - I'm going to post what I've been so busy with today.

My daughter's school is having a book fair this week. With that, they are having a Family Night with refreshments and estimation jars. So we signed up to make a guesstimation jar, and since I have so much fabric, we decided to use fabric strips. I measured it all out and it will end up being just the right size for a kids lap blanket.

It came out so cute that I'm thinking I may have to offer them for prizes or in my etsy shop!!! What do you think of that?

So take a guess - I'm wondering how easy or difficult it may be to figure out how many pieces of fabric are in this recycled plastic applesauce jar. I can't give the jar to the winning guess (since it's for the school), but I will offer 40% off one item in my store to the person that guesses the closest. Winner will be announced next Monday.

  • Cannot exceed the number of pieces in the jar.
  • Winning Guess will be exact or closest to the actual number of pieces.
  • If more than one person guesses correctly or ties for the win, the person that posts first will be considered the winner

So post your guesses here...And have a great Monday staying busy and getting your work done!

ps - the painting behind the jar was done by my littlest girl...Elephant (she's almost 5)! She was very excited I used her painting! k


Anonymous said... [Reply]

I'm guessing there are 64 pieces of fabric in your jar! Another very cute idea! ~ Gumdrop ~

ceejay said... [Reply]

I think 48. This is a great idea! Perfect for gifts for quilty friends or as a part of a sewing-themed gift basket. Love it!

♥ ceejay

Lizzy said... [Reply]

I'm gonna say 36 pieces! ;-)

Lizzy said... [Reply]

P.S. The painting behind is by your LITTLEST? How old is she? It is VERY GOOD! I'm impressed!

yours truly dear said... [Reply]

31. cute idea!

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