Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy Monday: Need Business Cards?

If you haven't been in the Etsy Virtual Labs - you're missing out!!! They are jam packed with not good, not great, not awesome, but with FABULOUS information! While in the labs this past week - I decided to do a few rounds of Monday posts, for tools you may need or want for your Business.

So today I share with those of you needing business cards. There are so many different options out there. For some of you, all you will want are 25. For some of you, you may need upwards of 500 - 1,000. No matter your needs, here are plenty of options to choose from in no particular order:

Moo - They offer full color printing on both sides (for which they say is no extra cost). They offer their own artwork, or you can upload your own. Prices start at 50 cards for $21.99, 100 cards for $43.98 & 200 cards for $69.99. They offer mini cards and many other items as well.
Print Runner - They offer B&W or blank back or full color dual sided, durable water resistant or UV coating...and so much more. They are currently running a special deal 15% off Matte, and a free website design (1 month trial from with Business Card purchase. Prices start at 100 cards for $9.95-16.95 depending on options and 250 cards for $19.95-27.95 again based on options. Prices are reduced as you order more cards. Shipping takes longer for orders under 250 cards.
Got Print - Offers different paper options. Most companies offer business cards on a 14pt stock. Mine are made with 100lb cover stock and are very durable. They offer here a Recycled 100lb Matte Cover with aqueous coating for a decent price. Rates start at $6.95 - $9.41 based on options for 100 cards.
Vistaprint - Pricing starts at $3.99 for 3092 different design options on 80lb stock and 250 cards. This is for Matte finish and blank back side. You can also order free cards (must pay shipping and handling). You can only choose from 42 designs. This option also requires that you approve them to print their logo on the back side.

And saving the best for's some awesome options from Etsy sellers:

Why not purchase some art work from Tracy Ann Digital Art - you can purchase the art work to upload to some of the sites listed above, or just order the cards directly from her...SUCH CUTE designs!! For more awesome cute stuff - check her TADA website!!!

And here's some other great sellers - whose cards are posted throughout this post...These are photos are linked directly to the Etsy shops....(Pixelimpress, Amyingmui's, Mylittlebuffalo, and SaddleStitchStudio) please drop them a visit. Although some of the prices above seem "better", the customer service and quality you can get some an Etsy seller can most times far surpass anything you can get from a larger corporation! As I said before - I'm giving all the options. My husband designed and printed mine on Matte 100lb cover (and I LOVE them! - see the ones at the top of post)

Be sure to know that prices can also vary depending on getting a Proof prior to printing and based on uploading your own designs or having them do "Custom" design work. Please be sure to check all the options and costs no matter which route you choose for your self. This is not all the information there is on each site, just enough to get you started in your quest!

Good Luck to all and please feel free to share any other info regarding Business Cards in the comments below. All art worked is Copyright and Owned by the respective artists. Please don't copy their work. That would just be wrong! Thanks, k


pam@pixelimpress said... [Reply]

thanks for including pixelimpress! pam

Mary said... [Reply]

cute blog. Found you on the etsy forums. I have used both vista print and more recently, for business cards!

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