Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy Monday: Social Media - Believe the Hype!

Good Monday morning everyone.

Last night I was starting to think about what I wanted to post today and decided to share a link to this great website with a whole host of fabulous resources.

Part of me thinks - it's so great - and if I were a really selfish person - I wouldn't want to share this awesome resource...but lo and behold - I love to share great information! Which is really why I'm doing this blog in the first place!

Today's great link is to Women' They have forums galore and as I mentioned - a boat load of resources. While only briefly on the website did I find a post of interest to me and had to read it immediately....Social Media Gurus Speak Up.

So believe the hype people. Social Media is the phrase you should be thinking about, speaking about and blogging about, and if you are anything like me....dreaming about! (I'm a serious dreamer).

There were so many links in that one post - so I won't be putting them all in here...but will start with Laura Fitton from Pistachio Consulting. She wrote the book - Twitter for Dummies. I'm pretty sure I'll be purchasing this book with my next borders coupon. (I'm frugal!)...But you can also check out her site OneForty. My most favorite app from there....Friend or Follow! So many people are all about the numbers on twitter and facebook. The more Fans, the more followers the better....right? - Wrong! Why not have lower numbers knowing they are real friends and fans and followers. Not just there because you want the higher numbers? Many people I know have said "if you follow me - i'll follow you"...only to have them a couple of weeks later - unfollowing you....Now you can know with Friend or Follow! Why not just follow everyone that is following you? That's what I plan to do. (so long as you don't spam me or use questionable language or content in your tweets & posts).

Keep reading the Social Media Guru post. It really is chock full of great information you want to know! Have a great morning. And PLEASE leave a comment if you liked this post. I LOVE comments. I appreciate you taking time to leave comments. It also helps me to know what's working for you - so I know what to bring you more of! Thank you!!! - kg

Oh -'s my twitter link....and my facebook page...follow and fan me if you'd like! (I'd like that very much!) THANKS!!!


Elle said... [Reply]

Thanks very much for the link to your blog from twitter and for the information you've shared in this post! I'm always trying to learn more about social media.

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