Friday, November 6, 2009

Giddy-Up Friday: Signing Time

If you've never heard of Signing Time and you have little're in for an awesome treat!!! While I was pregnant with my first daughter, my sister handed me 3 VHS tapes of Signing Time to use when my little girl was old enough to watch (because she didn't have kids of her own yet). A friend of hers I guess worked with Two Little Hands Production and helped to make the packaging. (may have to verify this since it has been almost 7 years).
When my little girl was only 2 months old, I pulled out the videos to check them out and began signing with her immediately. By the time she was 10.5 months old, she was able to share her first sign "thank you" to show gratitude for something someone had just given her. I was in absolute shock. Next came "bird" when she heard a bird out the window chirping. Then "more". Then "milk"...and the list goes on. She's now at a 3rd grade reading level (maybe higher) and is only in the 1st grade. When my second daughter was born, we didn't wait 2 months and began signing right away. The preschool and Kindergarten school they both attend and attended, have now instituted a signing curriculum because it clearly helps kids with speech difficulties and so much more....and it's just downright fun! I have since purchased all of Series 1 & 2 and the first 2 Baby Signing Time videos. (I still want the others!)

So today for Giddy-Up Friday - I share with you 4 of our favorite friends...Rachael, Alex, Leah and Hopkins. Please check out the Signing Time website. And for fun games, check out this! This is not a paid endorsement - I just LOVE them and had to share! Thanks Rachel, Alex, Leah, Hopkins and everyone in the Two Little Hands family!!!

Happy signing! Kerry

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Janelle said... [Reply]

I only have the first Baby Signing Time DVD for my little girl. Her first sign was :milk," which she doesn't do anymore, because she associated it with breastfeeding. She signs "more," "eat/food," "dog," "cat," and "fish." She also made up her own sign for lotion, and she can tell you what an elephant, a duck, and a bee do.

I think the only reason I haven't bought more BST DVDs is that they're expensive.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

K ~ I have a good friend who is excellent at signing. It's such an amazing form of communication with your children and I really love the whole idea of it. I appreciate this information a lot, thank you for sharing it! I'm going to make a better effort to learn and teach signing to my little girl! ~ gumdrop ~

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Janelle made a great point about the DVD's being expensive. If you don't have a twin sister that you can borrow them from....I think this can be a problem. BUT....check your local library. They might have a few. And if they don't....make it a little mini volunteer project to see if you can get your library to buy a few of them. EVERYONE can benefit from American Sign Language. I used to sign in the last job I had 6 years ago and gained a new found respect for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Signing Time does a great job, of teaching hearing children and adults, the ease and practicality of this beautiful form of communication. Giddy Up!!

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