Friday, November 13, 2009

Giddy-Up Friday: Totem Poll

Is it Friday already? Wow - time flies when you are making a Sushi Birthday Cake for a friend. I made 5 rolls today, using just under 4 rolls for her cake. She was so excited to be holding dinner in her hands this afternoon when I delivered it!

Wow - Since the day is almost over - this will make for a really fun project this weekend. As soon as I came across this website "The Scribble Project", I knew my kids would love to make their own totem pole! The template is no longer available, but If you cut a regular size piece of paper down to 5" x 11" then you have room for a 5" x 5" square in the center and room on the sides for wings or whatever you wish. From the looks of this Scribble Project website, some of these totem poles were featured in the Anorak Magazine as fun coloring pages! That is so cool! Here's more blogging while the totem poles were being submitted. The links to the template again are not working, but my dimensions look about right....Print on a regular size piece of paper and cut on the dotted lines.

The Scribble Project website is being updated - so I'll be sure to update any links, should the need arise. But in the mean time - have fun making your very own Family Totem Pole. Or a Friends Totem Pole, or a Thanksgiving Totem - the possibilities are endless!!!

I cannot put up the images here without Lisa's permission. If I get permission to post some for coloring, I will. Otherwise, I will post up the ones my girls make this weekend and will be happy to share ones you make as well. I'll post the first 4 that I receive (provided they are appropriate for my website and viewing). Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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