Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy Monday: Starting a Blog Part 1

As you can see from my archive list, I signed up to start blogging in January of this year. But as you can also see from my archive list, I didn't start really blogging until September! I really wasn't sure what to blog about, I didn't have my product up and running anywhere to purchase or promote and I wasn't sure I'd have anything interesting to say!

As soon as I got my Etsy shop up in September, I started to hear "the" buzz that blogging was a great way to promote your shop. But I didn't really want a blog that was all..."hey everyone , look at me"!
So where do you start? First you have to decide which free blogging service you want to sign up with. There are pros and cons to each, so please do your research. Here's a few to check out:

Blogger (aka blogspot) or
Live Journal

Not so free blogging: fees
Typepad - you can start blogging with a free trial, but it can cost between $8.95 a month for the minimums to $89.95 a month for a Business Pro account.

If you want to blog and get paid to blog - check out this list of sites...from

After you've checked out those blogs, and you've signed up, come back here next week for more information about changing the look of your blog and personalizing it to really represent you!

See you tomorrow for a little bit of This 'n' That! Happy reading! -kg


spinhead said... [Reply]

I'm thoroughly addicted to self-hosted Wordpress. I can't stand the buggy slow behaviour of their hosted version, but my $5 world-class hosting company and a Wordpress install which I can tweak to my geek-heart's content is the best tool I've found. Otherwise, I would have gone with Typepad, because my only heroes usually do.

Blogspot seems to be very user-friendly, which, as a geek, makes it counterintuitive for me ;)

As for 'what to blog about'—surely you were doing *something* all that time, getting your biz ready, etc? Even the briefest post about the one little thing you did towards getting set up today can keep people interested in how your story unfolds.

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