Monday, December 21, 2009

Busy Monday: Starting a Blog Part 2

OK - so now you have your blog. Before you begin posting anything, be sure to add some of the features you like that you've seen from other blogs. I love having 3 columns. My blog template is the Minima Lefty Stretch and then I changed the HTML to add a 3rd column. There are quite a few tutorials out there to do this (here's the one I used) - but please FIRST make sure you: 1) download and save your current template. If you mess up - you won't be crying all night about it!, and 2) make sure the person has given you step by step (if not a video) on how to do it, so you don't skip anything. If you make a change, please "preview" the changes first - before you accept them!

If you want a really different, unique, cute, shabby background, check these out...they also offer tutorials on adding the backgrounds, as well as many buttons, labels, and cool stuff like that!!!

Cutest Blog on the Block - and here's their Blog...2 Mom's Talk!
Shabby Blogs
Simply Fabulous Blogger Tutorials

If you want to check out a list of 25 Blogger Widgets that you can add to your blog - check out this post on Mashable.

So that should keep you busy for a while. And if you haven't seen my blog before today - you may have missed this post...with some great freebies to add to your site for tracking your site traffic and such...and other ways to boost your traffic.

Have a great Monday even though it's almost over. I'm thinking next year - I'll either have to have all of my December posts done in November and all of my November posts done in October...or I'll have to take the whole month of December off!? - kg


Janelle said... [Reply]

I design my own blog backgrounds now, but I had a lot of sites I pulled layouts and designs from before I learned how to do it.

Allie Brown's Layouts

Izzy Grace Blog Backgrounds

Kindra's Blogging Designs

Sam's Scraps

Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates

Smitten Blog Designs

Shel's Scraps

Leelou Blogs

Delightful Dots

Aqua Poppy Designs

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