Saturday, January 16, 2010

Giddy-Up Friday: See a Penny Pick it Up.....Christmas Jars for Haiti

I know it's not friday - but I really wanted to find something that kids can do to help the children of Haiti so I'm just now posting and it's Saturday.

So here's my thought. Go to your local library and see if they have this really awesome book called Christmas Jars by Jason Wright. And see if they have his children's version: Penny's Christmas Jar Miracle. Read them and be inspired to make a change in someone else's life like I was! Get a jar - a plastic one like a used Applesauce container would be safest for kids. Have your child decorate a Christmas Jars for Haiti label to be wrapped around the jar (this label will be posted late Monday!). The adult should pop or cut a hole in the lid (carefully!) and then tape the lid onto the jar.

Everytime your child (or your family) finds lose change or it in the jar. With every penny dropped into the jar, your child can think of these children in Haiti. These children will suffer long after these first couple of weeks. Many have lost all they had including their parents. They will need the love, support and financial assistance for years to come. When the camera's leave the devastation will continue. Come Christmas time, your child's (or families) jar will be plenty full and can then be cashed and donated to help these children in Haiti as they continue to recover.

Here are a few charities to consider when your jar is full:
Feed the Children
Feed My Starving Children
Save the Children

There are so many charities to chose from. Please be sure you are choosing a charity carefully and that is well established. For more information about various charities, and to find a charity you can trust, please visit Charity Navigator.


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Lovely Blog, I love this Book! Great Idea... thanks for sharing!!

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