Monday, February 1, 2010

Busy Monday - Another Contest...

Hey everyone - in my search for something on Joann Fabrics - I came across this contest.
Give it a shot - if you don't win, you at least came up with something original...if you do win - you can split the Joann's $1000 gift card with me! (I know - nice try right?!)....

Check it out here...


Post Grad Hair Cut said... [Reply]

Oh I think I will enter this! We don't have a joann's in canada (as far as I know) but I'd definitely make a trip to the states with a $1000 gift card. Thanks!

CarzooCritters said... [Reply]

Neat! Too bad I can't knit.. or crochet, but good luck to all those that do and enter! =) I love marveling the work of crocheted pretty things =)

Audrey said... [Reply]

I would split the gift card with you :)
Unfortunately I don't knit or crochet. Oh well.
Have a really great day!

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