Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project Linus & A Button Hole

Hi everyone -

I just wanted to throw this in here...I didn't get a chance to get a shop up here today to feature for Seller Saturday. I was busy taking care of my little girls - one is was getting better but developed an ear ache, possibly infection this evening (I can actually see that it's red in sad & painful)...and the other one just started getting sick and is sitting on the fence - not sure she wants to get worse or better!

On top of all that - I went to my church today because we were hosting a Project Linus - "Blanket Days"...and I really wanted to make a blanket, and use up some fabric and donate lots of fabric...and call myself a "Blanketeer"! So - that's what I did! I will post the picture Monday after I download it!

Have a great weekend. Stay tuned for a musical week ahead!

oh...and I'm so excited - a friend taught me how to make a button hole on my sewing machine! I"m laughing as I type and you may be laughing as you read...but I was beginning to think I was phobic of Button Holes and Zippers! Ok - still might be phobic of putting in a zipper - but I am so psyched about button holes! YEAH!!! (it really is the little things that make me happy!). -kg


CarzooCritters said... [Reply]

I hope your girls feel better soon!

That is wonderful that you are dong that for project Linus! I wish I could sew =)

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