Friday, March 12, 2010

Giddy Up Friday: Trapping Leprechauns

So last year, my oldest daughter came home from Kindergarten on St. Patty's day and said,"Mommy, mommy, guess what - one of my friends caught a leprechaun last night!"
"Really? How did she do that?", I replied.
"She made a leprechaun trap!"
(oh - of course - why didn't I think of that?)
"Next year, mommy, can we trap a Leprecahun?"
With my oh so famous response...."We'll see honey"! And off she went as the dreaming set in!
So this year I had to discover how to make a Leprechaun Trap, so we can make one of our own this weekend, because the whole point of making a Leprechaun Trap is to catch the wee little Leprechauns so they will have tell you where their gold is. If they are captured, they must hand over their gold, but those mischievous leprechauns don't always tell you the truth!

Here are a couple of websites I've found that have some ideas and lists of items for your traps.
Suite 101
The most basic Box Lid Trap
GeekDad Traps

Here's a couple of great books to read while making, setting up and waiting for that little wee one to trap!
The Leprechaun Trap
The Night Before St. Patrick's Day
Highlights Kids Online Story

And here's some yummy treats to whip up and then eat, while making, setting up and waiting for that little wee one to trap!
Martha Stewart Cupcakes
Green Velvet Cupcakes (my mouth is watering)
Jello Lover's Beware! 
And of course don't forget the box of Lucky Charms!

And now I go to rest - and make plans for our trap building this weekend. If you make one too - post it on the Kid Giddy facebook fan page! Have a great weekend! And good luck trapping a leprechaun! -kg


Anonymous said... [Reply]

I love that Leptrap. It should work a treat as they are cantankerous little sleeveens and will do exactly what they think you don't want.

Of course should you actually catch one you should be aware that here in Ireland they are a protected species (Dept of Environment and Culture section 4 bylaw code: 23M) and can only be held for one week (for the purposes of getting the information re pot of gold)

After that they must be released back into the wild. (The Wild is conveniently located just outside you front door)

Cheers...Pam, White O'Morn Cottage, Ireland

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