Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy Monday: Birthday Paw-ty Conclusion

So if you liked the Birthday Paw-ty invitations, here's the rest of the "Paw-ty" ideas for you to have an awesome, fun time!

My daughter wanted to have a fairy party originally, but she has a huge love of Dogs...and Cats! She still claims to want to be a Veterinarian someday even though the sound of dogs barking still scares her (traumatic event when she was younger - and I can't blame her!). I easily convinced her to have a dog and cat party. Her eyes lit up and her facial expression indicated she was ecstatic! I already posted the invitations...but here is the rest of the party!
Here's how the day went:
We got the Dog plates, birthday hats, tablecloth, napkins & cups. (I forgot I had gotten them juice boxes - but they work well for water drinkers)! I also got the "Doggy Bags" for the little favors.

Guests arrived to a table set up with all the "fixin's" - the dog plates, cups and such and to some Dog food bowls filled with Dog Bones (Scooby Doo Graham Crackers shaped like dog bones), and little Cat food bowls filled with Fish (Multi colored Goldfish)!

We played a game of "Doggy, Doggy, where's your bone". Guests sit in a circle with one in the center that is the "Doggy" (you can play it as Kitty or Puppy too). A parent or leader gives the dog bone to one person while the other kids sing "Doggy, Doggy, where's your bone? Somebody stole it from your home! Guess who!!!" The person in the middle had their eyes closed while the other guests sing and then opens their eyes to see all the children holding their hands behind their backs. The person then has to guess who has it behind their back. That person becomes the next one in the center. We played this game until all guessed arrived and had a chance to be in the center!

We then proceed to the "Adoption" area. Each child was able to "adopt" a Dog or Cat (Stuffed animals they get to keep as their party favor). They were given an "Adoption Certificate" (with the birthday girl's "Paw Of Approval") to fill out which included giving their animal a name, birthdate, birth place, favorite food, favorite toy, etc. We then gave each child a Dog Bone or Fish shape Shrinky Dink tag to design a Name tag for the collar. We were sure to punch the hole, and then after baking we strung the "dog tags" on a ribbon for a collar.

By then the kids were hungry, so they munched on Graham Cracker Bones and Goldfish until the Pizza arrived. After eating pizza, they obviously had to have some cake! My sister made cupcakes with paw prints on them, and a special Doggy cupcake for the birthday girl! She used some of the dog bones to decorate around the cupcakes. It really came out so cute! (She's going to share some of her awesome cake creations with all you Kid Giddy readers in the near future!)

After cake, the kids needed to run off some sugar energy! They brought all their animals outside for some fresh air and played "Doggies, Doggies, please come over" in the yard! Say you slice your yard in half. On child stands in the center of the halfway mark. The other children stand on one side. The child in the center says, "Doggies, Doggies, please come over". All the children then try to get across to the other side passing the child in the middle without being tagged. Then the child in the center and any others that have been tagged, call out again "Doggies, Doggies, please come over", and do this until all the doggies have been tagged. (As above you can call out...Kitties or Puppies).

As the parents arrived, the kids were having a blast just running free in the yard. It was only 2 hours and that was plenty of time. Instead of receiving gifts, my daughter accepted dog and cat food to donate to the local Animal Refuge League.

In the "Doggy Bags" I gave the kids some little sheets of Cat stickers and Dog stickers, and some Swedish Fish! I wanted  to add in some hard candy dog bones - but couldn't find them in time. You can buy them online though! Even though they got to take home the pet, this acted as the "food for the animal" to feed them!

It really was so much fun (more fun for the kids! always stressful for the adults). Now you can have a "pawriffic" "paw-ty" too! Woof! Meow!


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Sooooo cute!

Mama King said... [Reply]

Thanks you for the fantastic ideas! My daughter (turning 3) loves dogs and cats. This theme will be perfect for her birthday in August. I esp. like the shrinky dink tag craft.

Amy (Super Healthy Kids) said... [Reply]

So clever!! My kids are a bit old for the dog party, but I had several dog parties when they were younger. Only wish I had some of your cute ideas for it!

April said... [Reply]

I loved your invite... where did you get that adorable font?

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

HI April - the font is called A Red Bucket, and I'm pretty sure I downloaded it off this website. It's free and they are all so cute - you'll be on it for hours!

Bridy said... [Reply]

All of your ideas are so great! Thank you for sharing them along with the adoption papers.
I was just wondering about the stuffed dogs and cats. How did you manage to make sure that the kids who wanted a dog got a dog and the kids who wanted a cat got a cat.
I am thinking I might have to buy doubles of both so there aren't any sad faces.

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

Hi Bridy - thank you and you're welcome! I'm glad all my ideas are still alive and being used again and again!

I bought extra animals because they were on clearance and I figured what ever was left over, I could return. Everyone was happy with their choice - and there were no sad faces!

Good luck with the "paw"ty! and have fun! -kg

Bridy said... [Reply]

Hi Kerry!

I just decided to get 4 puppies and 4 kittens and hope there are no tears and that everyone is great full no matter what they get.
The party isn't till August 17th, but I will be sure to post pictures, you have inspired me greatly. Thank you again!

Erin Tidwell said... [Reply]

Adorable! I'm planning a Clifford 2nd birthday, and love the dog bowl/Scooby snack idea!! Do you mind me asking where you found the red/black/white bowl?

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

Hi Erin,

I bought the cat and dog bowls at the dollar store or the dollar spot at target that year. We later donated them to the animal shelter! Have fun with the birthday party! We love Clifford too!

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