Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy Monday: Hiking Bradbury Mountain

I've lived in Maine for 10 years (in November). It seems like 10 years is not that long ago, and yet because so much has changed in my life in those 10 years, it seems more like a whirlwind. 
Hiking to the Big huge rock!
Anyway - in all the (almost) 10 years I've lived here, I've never hiked Bradbury Mountain...that is until we decided to go on a whim. We grabbed the girls - and I being my prepared (72 hour kit - mormon self)...packed some provisions like toilet paper...high energy bars and the like! I also texted my sister (who lives way to far away in case of an emergency) - to let her know where we were going and when we'd be back!
My girls staying well hydrated! (please be respectful and don't copy any of these photos of my children)
 When we got there and finished the hike in way less time than I thought it would take, while stopping to take tons of mommy photos, I thought maybe I overpacked?! The good thing is - you never know and it's better to be over-prepared, than under-prepared! 
Here's a look at some of my photos.

"US Coast & Geodetic Survey" (You can be "fined or imprisoned for disturbing this mark"!)
Emerging Lady Slipper
Bunchberry in the Dogwood Family (Thank you mom for telling me what flower this is!)
Lily of the Valley (thanks again mom!) (I call them Fairy earrings!)
More Lady Slippers - so pretty!
The Beautiful Lady slippers are my favorite in the woods flower! I have told my girls that "Lady Slippers are so special you can't pick them". When they asked why, I replied "they are really for Fairies, they are Fairy slippers!" They thought that was a wonderful idea! I said - "well, why wouldn't the little fairies want to wear them? they are so pretty!" Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

Photos are by Kerry Goulder and are copyright protected. These photos cannot be used without expressed permission. Photos of my children should not be used in any manner - ever! Thank you!


Audra said... [Reply]

I love the "fairy earrings!" So creative!

Julie said... [Reply]

Such pretty flowers. I love the "fairy slipper" thing!! so fun!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

The "Fairy Earrings" are actually Lily of the Valley (I have some in my back yard!). When I wake up more I will try to remember the name of the other one you don't know... - Mom

Anonymous said... [Reply]

The other wildflower is Bunchberry (Dogwood family).

BTW - If you had been hiking out West you might have come across "Northern Fairy Candlelabra" (that's the common name)

Boutique on Feet said... [Reply]

Beautiful pictures! A hike in nature is always so refreshing, isn't it?!

Sharlene said... [Reply]

The lady slipper was (is) one of my mother's favorite flowers. When we were little they used to be all over the Natchaug Forest in Connecticut. We used to pick them! We had no idea at the time that they were endangered. It is a rare treat to see them in the "wild" now. Thanks for sharing.

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