Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Sketchbook Projects: Part 1

My oldest daughter "Monkey" has been drawing since she was 14 months old. By the time she was 22 months old, she was drawing Sesame Street Characters with the understanding that Ernie's head went in a sideways oval, Bert's head went in a vertical oval, and Elmo and Cookie Monster had fuzzy edges! We worked with her because she was so interested in taking something to paper.

 When our second daughter "Elephant" came along, we were surprised she didn't care too much to draw like Monkey did when she was so little. But in her own due time, she too sat beside her sister and began to draw feverishly, producing pictures well beyond her years too (like this one of Daddy just before turning 2). Regardless of how much they draw, and what they draw, their skills still shock us. Their teachers quickly learn that they are right brained thinkers and the other parents quickly notice one self portrait more detailed and advanced than all the others. (they are currently 7.5 and almost 6)

We do not boast, we merely enjoy that Heavenly Father has blessed both of our girls with this amazing talent, that can be taken on the road, help them in times of sorrow or stress, and bless the lives of others.

About 6 months ago, Monkey decided she wanted to write a book to put in our local library. It was such a bummer to break the news to her, that she had to use her own characters (not Kit the American Girl), and that she had to have it published and all the unknown processes that go with publishing a book. She was devastated and stopped writing the book. Mommy of the year award - right?!

Well - back at the end of August I found a link for the 2011 Sketchbook Project, something I had never heard about. But what I found out, is that this was my daughter's chance to write a book - to draw a book - to do what ever with her book and to have it be a part of "a library"! I got through the first few weeks of school but kept feeling pressed to order the books. I finally ordered one for me and one for each of them (hubby doesn't have time)....and when they arrived the girls were elated and Monkey began to glow with joy!

So without further ado... I wish to present the first pages of theirs, and my poem, that has kick started our very own Sketchbooks that will be traveling along the east coast and coming to our own back yard next year! Whatever you do....PLEASE DO NOT copy anything here. My daughter's works are very precious to us and should not be duplicated in any way shape or form. (not to mention they are copyright protected!)!

Monkey's First page (Raining Cats & Dogs Theme):

 Elephant's First Page (Raining Cats & Dogs Theme):

Here is my Poem. The theme I chose was "In 5 Minutes". So the poem I wrote is going to have 1 line on each page. But my pages are doubled - you'll see why! I haven't started the actual pages....(secret still)!

"In 5 Minutes" by Kerry Goulder

In 5 minutes
my life will change
the winds will pass
and rearrange.

the clouds will come
and quickly fade
the birds will sing
and fly away.

In 5 minutes
my babies grow
their little hearts
I get to sew.

and every thread
will have it's limits
my life will change
in just 5 minutes.

So that's the start of our sketchbooks. I'll try to post every week and maybe even twice a week. It cost an extra $25 each, to have them digitized, so I passed on that since I can do it myself! That way I can digitize them little by little, and share this process with all of my readers too. Again - PLEASE DO NOT COPY! I will find it, I will find you and justice will be served (and I say that in the nicest/sweetest way possible)! ; )

Have a great day!


sarah said... [Reply]

oh my goodness, these drawings and your poem are FANTASTIC!!! i am going to make t-shirts and posters and sell them at the airport. just kidding.... but i do love them to bits, keep posting! i brought my sketchbook to start on my trip. i hope i get to work on it some. i am doing the boys and girls theme... weee!!!

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