Friday, December 3, 2010

Giddy-Up Friday: My First Craft Fair

Wow - am I tired. I'm typing this while waiting for the Polar Express to come on at which point I just might fall asleep after losing so much sleep this past week preparing for my first craft fair!
When I was little my mom and my grandmother would set up booths and sell at craft fairs in Eastern Long Island NY and my twin sister and I would roam around looking for inexpensive shell creatures to buy. I don't remember much else about the fairs - the prep work, the set up the clean up all that, and I certainly don't recall if I thought "someday I want to do my own craft fair"!? But going to the craft fairs with "Mom and Granny", left a sizable impression on me and now in my "older" age (since I'm not 10 anymore)...I knew it was something I wanted to experience with my own craft business.
So back in September or October my husband got an email at his office, about this craft fair today and it took me all of about 5 minutes to commit to doing it! Since then I've been sewing non-stop and had so much stuff! I was worried I wouldn't have enough. Sure there's things I would've done different, but all in all it was a great experience and I'm pretty sure I'll be looking for my next one very soon! (I'd also like to thank everyone that stopped by my table and to those that made a purchase too - you guys rock!!)
Have a great weekend. Enjoy the pictures. All my new items will be listed in my Etsy shop next week. My hedgehog tutorial will be up Monday I hope (if not monday - def. next week at some point!). I have a couple of custom orders to get working on too!  Thanks everyone!


yours truly dear said... [Reply]

everything looks awesome!! fabulous job! did you do well? have fun w/all the orders :]

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said... [Reply]

Congratulations!!! I love your scrappy owl!! I'm going to head over to your Etsy shop to get one for my little girl -- her school mascot is the owl!

Doris Price said... [Reply]

Just had to write and boy considering the above dates I'm late! Just had to write and let you know your doll reminds me of what I bought my Twins for their first Christmas doll. The name on the box said "Mary Ann" she had a Red Gingham body with I think a solid red skirt attached hopefully I remembered correctly. If my girls still have their doll I will try to get a pic and send it. My "Twins" are now 37yrs.young.
this might be on the wrong date. Doris Price

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