Thursday, March 28, 2013

Out of Focus - A Few Photos

I finally feel like my voice is coming back. I put everything I had into my book for so long that I felt I had nothing left to offer here on my blog. I've been cleaning out my computer...and came across a slew of photos I have taken, but haven't had time to share them on here yet.

I have always loved photography. I wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic and travel the world. That all changed when I was at a mall and my friends car was stolen from a mall parking lot while we were inside the mall hanging out with our peeps. My camera was in my friends car. I couldn't afford a new camera at the time, changing my major from Photography to Fine Arts, with a focus on Illustration.

I find peace in my camera though. It captures things I cannot capture on my own. While my girls were outside on a warm fall evening, I decided to play with my camera on manual focus. The sunset was so beautiful, and the colors in that light were so surreal.

Much of my life has seemed very out of focus lately - which makes these pics somewhat cathartic to come back to. Sometimes out of focus provides a different type of clarity we weren't expecting. There is still beauty when things are out of focus, and when the time comes, and things slowly come back into focus, there is beauty in that too.

Have a great day.


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