Friday, December 13, 2013

Sewing Tales for the Holidays - A Contest

I'm so excited to finally share this idea I have had for a long time. To celebrate my book, and to encourage as many sewists to get sewing and storytelling for the holidays, I am having a contest. I have lined up some awesome sponsors (and judges) and I am beyond excited to see what everyone comes up with!
So are you ready for the details:

The Contest Rules:
1. Make a pattern from my book "Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love".
2. Have a fun photoshoot...photograph it all nice and pretty.
3. Write a Story to go with it (just like in my Sewing Tales book, every pattern has a story and each character has a name).
4. With a Holiday twist. What's that you ask? The holiday twist - is adding some details in the photo, the fabric, and/or the story of any holiday of your choosing. I'm LDS and celebrate Christmas. Not everyone else does, I get that. Maybe you want to twist it into a New Years theme, or start thinking about Valentines Day (a little bit early) or even go back to Chanukah although it has passed? That's ok too. It can be whatever "holiday" you choose.

After you have your project, photo and story all done, post it on your blog, and share the link below. Don't have a blog? That's ok too - You can post the picture into the Sewing Tales Flickr Group and then share that flickr link below. Make sure you post your story in the caption section of the flickr photo, or your submission will be incomplete.

All submissions must be received no later than 11:55pm EST on February 14, 2014. You have more than a month to enter. Oh - and did I mention you can enter up to THREE times? What?! Yep, each person can enter up to 3 different projects (with a different stories and different photos, please don't enter the same thing 3 times).
Now with all the details and "rules" out of the way...let's jump right to the Prizes! Did I say Prizes? Why, yes I did - almost $800 total retail value. Crazy - right?!

The Grand Prize Winner* will receive(approx $475 Retail value):
1 seriously awesome FABI from Sizzix
1 Dritz Sewing Bundle Valued at $75
1 - 3 Month Subscription to Quilty Box (this will be the Oct, Nov, Dec boxes)
3 Brand New Titles from F + W Media
A Signed Copy of my Book (name to sign is your choice)
1 Pair of Fiskars Scissors
6 Fat Quarters of Heather Bailey's "Lottie Da" fabric collection
3 yards Bosal Foam Create - A - Pattern paper

1st Runner Up Winner* will receive(approx $200 Retail value):
1 Dritz Sewing Bundle Valued at $50
1 Month Quilty Box
2 Brand New Titles from F + W Media
A Signed Copy of my Book (name to sign is your choice)
1 Pair of Fiskars Scissors
2 yards Bosal Foam Create - A - Pattern paper

2nd Runner Up Winner* will receive(approx $120 Retail value):
1 Dritz Sewing Bundle Valued at $25
1 Month Quilty Box
1 Brand New Titles from F + W Media
A Signed Copy of my Book (name to sign is your choice)
1 yard Bosal Foam Create - A - Pattern paper

I'd like to take a moment to thank the following sponsors:

These companies have been extremely generous these past few months, and supporting me with the launch of my Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love book. I love working with these companies and love their products. I can't do what I do without their tools, and wouldn't have been able to run such a successful book hop and now this contest without them. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.  You can visit their websites by clicking their links above (in the Prize section).

I'd also like to thank YOU from the bottom of my heart as well. Thank you for purchasing my book. For sharing my book with your friends and families. Thank you for sharing it with your children and teaching them how to sew and create something with their own hands.You are giving them a lifetime of memories.

So before I end this thing...I have one more bit of info for you to know. When it comes to a contest - there are always judges. So I'd like to introduce you to the Sewing Tales for the Holidays Judges (I will have to get pics to post, because I can't find the pics I thought I had of them).

Linda Nitzen from Sizzix and Kim Buffington from Dritz (Prym) and I will be choosing the winner.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below and I will respond to them as quickly as I can. If it's a question a lot of people may have, I may just put the info up here in the post.

Want to let everyone know you are participating? Here's a little button to add to your blog, your post, or any social media site you'd like. Well - maybe not all of them, since it's small it won't look great when it's really big. But that big image up above, can be shared anywhere. You could even pin it to pinterest! Be merry and bright and tell the whole world that you are Sewing Tales for the Holidays!

Don't have a copy of my book? Do you want to get one - really fast - AND signed? You can get one from my Kid Giddy Etsy shop. All orders received by 2:00pm EST will be shipped out the same day. If you don't tell me who to sign it to, I will sign it with a sweet message and my name.You can also order it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble too (but please know that it won't be signed.

*No Purchase necessary (You can always borrow a friends book, or get a copy from your local library). Must be 18 years of age or older to enter (young children can still be a part of the action, but an adult must enter with the adults name and can include "with the help of..." if you'd like). International entries are acceptable. All Prizes will be shipped directly to winner from the respective companies (Sizzix, Dritz, QuiltyBox, F+W Media). Additional prizes will come from me, so please note you will likely receive multiple packages and at different times. Thank you for your understanding.

Good Luck and thanks for stopping by! Click the link below to sign up for my newsletters too. Have a great day.


Kristi said... [Reply]

This is going to be SEW MUCH fun! Thanks, Kerry and Dritz and Quilty Box!

kim leavens said... [Reply]

This will be awesome!! Sew excited :)

Deborah Fisher said... [Reply]

This was SO much fun! Thanks, Kerry!

Charlene said... [Reply]

Thank you Kerry. Love the book and the contest. It was sew fun.

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