Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Little Spark Book

Have you ever been in a creative slump? Hit the proverbial wall? Stuck in a rut? Found yourself struggling to enjoy the creative outlet you once enjoyed because the ideas aren't coming as fast as they used to? Or stifled because someone saw fit to tear apart the things you have put your heart and soul into just to benefit themselves?

That was me - this whole year.

It's horrible isn't it? I searched high and low for the answers to my struggles. I searched for the happy me I once was, after a major stressful time in my life. I struggled to find joy in sewing. I decided to say to no to a lot of opportunities that came my way earlier in the year so I could focus on getting my mojo back. I started sewing for "fun", for "me", something I hadn't done in a long time. I wanted to learn garment sewing, so I did. But something was still missing. My spark. New ideas. Nothing was coming. I started looking online for any books I could get my hands on that professed to help get me out of my funk. A book that could bring back my creative intuition. They didn't help and I sunk further, my light dimming all the more each day. It's a dark and lonely place when you've been there, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Not even the person that ripped me apart, starting this downward spiral.

Then I met Carrie. We met at May quilt market and we connected on some small level and clicked. I loved her energy, and her spark. You can see a persons spark. And she has one - a really visible one. Lucky for me (and you, if you are struggling too) she wrote a whole book about it. This spark that she has, is a spark we all have, and my little spark is back thanks to her book. I'm not getting paid to say this. I was one of the lucky few that "found" her book at quilt market as they were posted on Instagram to go and find. I started reading it that day in my hotel room. I read it on the plane ride home. I read it while waiting to drop off or pick up my girls at school. When I need a little spark, I read more. I take it in and let it sit a while and see what comes next.

This book has made me laugh and cry. My favorite chapter for now - has to be "The Crazies" (Spark 4). Just like that I figured it out, through this spark. I had a really bad, horrible case of "the crazies"! From the one that ripped me apart, to the number crunches, to social media follows and unfollows - I had these "crazies" - all these voices in my head telling me I wasn't good enough, why bother. These voices bullied me all year. So, I let them go, and you can too.

Carrie gives her readers 30 different sparks to take in and work with. "30 different ways to ignite your creativity", one of which will surely resonate with you the way "The Crazies" spark resonated with me. If you are searching for your spark, or know someone that is - this is the one and only book I would recommend you dive into. The book is jam packed with beautiful photos, space to write your thoughts down, and so much more. Want to see more about it - she made a Little Spark Book Trailer for it (I wish I had made a trailer for mine - see there - that's a crazies voice - I'm still working on my sparks).

Carrie is giving away a copy on her such designs blog - but why wait - get The Little Spark on Amazon now (not an affiliate link) and then if you happen to win - you can spark someone else's life and give it as a gift! This book is better than chocolate. I've never said that about anything - but it's true. Chocolate is a temporary fix of enjoyment, but sometimes guilt settles in and it's back to square one. This book comes with all the enjoyment, and none of the guilt. But just keeping it real - get the book and some chocolate. Who can resist a good book with a little spark and a little snack? lol.


kim leavens said... [Reply]

I went to her virtual class at "The Sewing Party" and loved it! Thank you for the review - I do believe I'm at the crazies point too, I'm thinking I should put this book at the TOP of my Christmas wish list!! Do take care,,,xxx's

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