Monday, November 2, 2015

What's new at Kid Giddy HQ

I planned on having this post up before leaving for quilt market - but that just didn't happen since I was still sewing details until the wee hours of the night and mornings even once arriving in Houston. Since being home - I've caught up a little on all that missed sleep. I probably could use more.

I'm so excited to announce my Fall 2015 Kid Giddy dies with Sizzix. I know I shouldn't pick favorites because I love them all - but I can't help be excited for my little Fox. This Party Fox is ready with some balloons, a party hat and even a little star, for any birthday party or celebration. I have a little secret about this one...which is why I'm so excited about can mix and match the Fox parts with the Kid Giddy Doll die. So if you want a doll with a bigger belly for a Santa...use the body of the fox and all the other doll pieces. If you want to sew with kids, the Fox arms & legs are easier for kids, because they have less curves to sew and are easier to stuff. I wanted to give you more bang for your buck and give you tons of options to really make your own unique doll.

I've also introduced a little tufted Bird die that comes with a little panel to make tiny eggs. The Bird can be made to sit in a nest or on a shelf, or add a ribbon to hang as an ornament or in a fun mobile. It's great for any holiday, and for any occasion or no occasion at all.

Last but not least is the Bear die that works perfectly with most fabric choices including Wool Felt blends, Quilters cotton, cuddle fabrics and many others. The Bear comes with a variety of little extras for personalizing, including a heart, bow (for a bow tie or hair bow), baby rattle and a star. If you use a crazy awesome fuzzy fur fabric, you can get a little fella that resembles a baby wookie or ewok.

I have been working for weeks and weeks on some special Little House on the Prairie Dolls using Andovers Little House on the Prairie fabrics for their Quilt Market Schoolhouse Premiere. It was quite a special weekend for me and I'll be photographing each doll and sharing the whole experience soon. Here's a sneak peek...but if you can't wait...hop on over to my Instagram feed for more pics. 

I was also very excited (and busy) sewing with some of the Mendocino fabric from Heather Ross that Windham Fabric is reprinting. I made this sweet Mermaid, some little seahorse friends, as well as an octopus, all which hung at market in her booth. Her belly button probably got the most attention. lol. I'll be sharing more about how I made her soon.
Well that's my quick recap for now - again I'll have more info for everyone soon regarding all the Mermaid tail piecing, the Octopus and Little House Dolls.

Have a great week.


Christy Pohler said... [Reply]

I just love the fox too. When will the how too video come out?

Christy Pohler said... [Reply]

I just love the fox too. When will the how too video come out?

Christy said... [Reply]

Is the fox only available as a die cut pattern? Or will you have a paper or .pdf version too? I don't have Sizzix. Thanks!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]


Hi Christy,

It's only available on the Sizzix die cut. It fits on the Fabi or Big Shot machines which are the least expensive machines. Due to contractual obligations, I cannot sell the pattern in any other forms.
I hope you'll consider the investment. xo kg

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

@Christy Pohler

Once the dies are available on their website, the videos usually are too. I'm not seeing it linked yet, but will be soon. xo kg

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