Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Sweater Block and an Ugly Sweater Contest

Yes - there's an "Ugly Sweater Contest"....here's the full story....After seeing tons of pics on IG, ads on TV commercials and sweaters in every store, I felt like the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend was all the rage again, and bigger than last year. In a little flash while driving to get my girls I got this idea to make an Ugly Christmas Sweater paper piecing block for fun. The idea sat in my head for about a week until I finally had a little "me time" (not really). I whipped it up in EQ7, made this candy cane girl block really quick, took a pic and sent it out into the big wild world.

I woke up the next day and saw that Heidi Kenney (from My Paper Crane) was the first to purchase the block because a mutual friend texted a pic of it. Great way to wake up in the morning right? She made this adorable Cotton and Steel Christmas tree sweater and posted it on instagram (and it was just as "not" ugly as mine).

Then more people started making their own "not" ugly Christmas Sweaters...How in the world could anyone make it ugly? A few others have tried - but they are all just too cute as well as funny!
Here's a Christmas Fairie sweater from Alisa (@astitchinbetween)

This Noel one is from Robin (@nestlingsbyrobin)

And this Cat Duo sweater block is from Jordan (@mylyons86)

So then I wake up this morning and Kim Lapacek from Persimon Dreams made this Santa sweater block...
Moments later she emailed me to ask if she could host an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" block contest. I was dying laughing. Um...YES!

I can't get over how fun this has been and I can't wait to see all the sweater blocks...in all their "ugliness" and cuteness! If you make a block - please tag me on IG or Facebook so I can see it. If you blog about - let me know. Maybe I will add a link to blog posts. I'm using a few hashtags - #KidGiddySweaterBlock #UglyChristmasSweater and for the contest - #uglysweaterblock (#uglysweater was too popular and we'd never see them).

Be sure to visit Kim's website to get all the info for the contest*. You can find the Christmas Sweater pattern in my Etsy shop and my Kid Giddy Craftsy shop as well. *Participants must purchase the pattern to enter...and I will ask that you refrain from buying the pattern and sharing it with a friend so they can enter too (I will have to ban you from purchasing my patterns if I see that happening - as I've seen this happening elsewhere).

Good luck everyone - thanks so much for all the (ugly) Christmas Sweater love! 

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