Thursday, September 20, 2018

Travel Lighting

Remember that car game where you're going on a picnic and you have to bring something that starts with every letter in the alphabet. I kept think about that game as I was traveling this spring and summer as I was packing. I'm going on a trip and I'm bring my Aurifil thread, Bags, (thread)Cutterz, Daylight Company lighting, EPP papers and so on.

My first trip this spring was to Disneyland (I only went once when I was 16 and only for a day so this felt like my first trip ever - which was so exciting). On the flight down I got some hand sewing done on the airplane using the compact Daylight Yo-Yo Lamp. It was later in the afternoon but everyone wanted to nap and I felt bad having my overhead light on. So the Yo-Yo Lamp gave me enough light to work on my #QuiltsForMyDaughters hexies.

After we arrived and upacked at the hotel, I needed to finish sewing the little cross body bags to use at the parks, that I made the day before. It was super late and everyone else was going to sleep so I set up the Smart Clip-On lamp.

The bed frames at Disney are surprisingly enormous so I grabbed the next best luggage. The side table was on my husband's side of the bed, so all I had was the luggage rack and my luggage.  I was pretty proud of my set up! lol.

The Smart Clip-On lamp is cordless and rechargable, so I didn't have to worry about finding an outlet to plug it into. It works great for reading books too. Which I've been trying to sneak in at night lately and was doing as much of as I could this summer with our less hectic evenings. I clip it onto the corner of my book, which also helps to keep the pages open for me.

During the summer I also traveled to New Hampshire for Girls Camp through church. A couple of nights while in my bunk, I had a little time to set up some hand stitching and the Yo-Yo was all the light I needed to get it done.

Both of these lamps are so great to travel with. The Yo-Yo folds up and is the most compact and the Smart Clip-On lamp wraps around itself nicely (with the recharging cord clipped into the clamp). Both of these lights fit in my little sewing pouch with all of my other needs for sewing on the go.

Do you need more lighting in your travels? Be sure to use the "kidgiddy2018" code on the Daylight Company website so you can save 20%. Please be sure to tag me on social media and show me which lamp caught your eye and you couldn't be without! Thanks as always for stopping by!

Disclosure: As a brand ambassador for Daylight Company, I have received these products for free, but the opinions and comments provided are always my own. I will receive a small portion of the sale if you use the coupon code provided above on the Daylight website. Thank you.


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