Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CHA - Exciting Madness

I'm sitting here eating my cereal...at 11:11am (didn't have breakfast yet - so I can't have lunch yet!)...and freaking out about how little time I have left to prepare for my debut trip to the Craft & Hobby Winter Show in Los Angeles CA!

I've been so hard at work for the last few months that I have not blogged nearly as much as I would love to! In October (2010) I was focused on my daughter's Halloween costumes! In November I was frantically planning a last minute birthday party for my 6yr old after she changed her mind...from a family shindig - to a friend party, and Thanksgiving. Then December was all about Christmas presents I was making for my girls and getting the whits about me to get my CHA membership and get cranking on all the trip plans!

A whirlwind fo' sho!! lol! So while the bright white snow is lightly covering the world around me, I'm going to keep sewing in the hopes that I get the sewing all done today so I can move on to the awful and dreaded state of packing everything into 2 small suitcases! A very daunting task I am not looking forward to. Then I get to help fold all of my press kits, and print my tickets and register my extra bag!....and of course leave behind some fun cute little notes for my girls!

I can't show you all of what I'm making - nor can I tell you what it all is - but the pictures above are just a little sampling of the fun things I've been making in my little kid giddy world lately! I took them with my phone - so don't expect some top notch photography just yet!

I hope you are all having a great day and week! I will post while I can from the sunny - oh so warm state of California!


snekcip said... [Reply]

Good Cliffhanger! Glad to see you back in blogland and can't wait to see whats new on the site!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

You have more energy than a duracell! Good luck my friend, ...not that you'll need it! I have no doubt you'll make your mark in LA and eventually country wide!! Prayers and safe travels! GDrop

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