Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Monday: My First Sale!

Parting is such sweet sorrow!!!

I make all these bags, sachets, turtles, animals, Tuck 'n' Go's, etc and love them. I love making them. I love the fabrics. I love every stitch. I work on these things no matter where I go and then it comes to me again that one day I'll have to hand them over. Either as a gift, or because it was purchased. I make them and breathe love and life into them, and then off they go. I can't keep them all right?! I wouldn't have enough space.

Today I mailed out the first bag sold on Etsy! Not the first one I made, not the first one I've sold (in person)...but it was hands down one of my favorites! It's a red plaid exterior with quilted hearts and upcycled Jessie the Cowgirl sheeting (from Toy Story 2)! I LOVE Jessie the cowgirl. I wish I had a Jessie doll when I was little, she rocks!

So my Busy Monday was filled with the excitement of wrapping the bag up and packaging it just right so it would arrive all safe and snug. Thank you to my buyer. (I'd mention the name if I knew that person was ok with it, but can't) Thank you! - you know who you are! I know you'll take good care of Jessie!

For all you sellers, on Etsy or anywhere else....I would love to hear about your first sale. What is was...and how you felt. Today I was relieved. My shoulders are now relaxed and I finally was able to take that deep breath and exhale with my first sale.

Thanks, Kerry


Kristine Jones said... [Reply]

No stories to tell of any sales, but wanted to say congrats! :)

spinhead said... [Reply]

Yeehaw! The real test is to sell a single copy of whatever you're doing to a stranger. Every first is a step up to the next plateau.

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