Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy Monday - Tuck 'n' Go Giveaway

Good morning everyone,

'Tis the season to be today I'm feeling inspired to give away one of my Tuck 'n' Go's, in conjunction with the SewMamaSew Giveaway Day! It was one of the first products I "invented", manufactured and started selling from my home.

The Tuck 'n' Go is an infant car seat blanket that stays put when you are on the go. When not in use, it can be folded up and tucked in itself. When baby grows out of it, it can be used for a changing pad, and filled with a couple of diapers and a small container of wipes!

For more information about the Tuck 'n' Go, please visit my Etsy shop listings, or to see a short video of it in action, please visit my You Tube page.

Here is the one of a kind Tuck 'n' Go that you could win...

To enter the giveaway (you have to do the first 2 things):

1) Please leave your name and email address in the comments below! (I can't go searching high and low for a way to contact you if you win).

AND 2) Please tell me your favorite craft/hobby

For an extra chance:
3) Re-Pin any one of "My Kid Giddy Designs" on Pinterest.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway. This giveaway is open from now until Dec 16th at 11:59 EST. The winner will be contacted and announced by Monday Dec. 19th.

Please "like" my facebook page for more information on new pattern releases and all the other fun stuff that's fit to print, (and more giveaways too)! Come chat with me on twitter too!

Good luck!

This giveaway is open to US and International persons. However, I cannot guarantee it's arrival in time for Christmas to international locations, and even some local US locations. Will be shipped via USPS. 

Hi Everyone - Thanks for entering my Tuck 'n' Go Giveaway! The winner was chosen and was #66!  Congrats to Kimberly and her 3 week old granddaughter! Come back soon for your chance to win one of the 5 patterns, I designed for Anna Griffin and some of her gorgeous fabrics! Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Busy Monday: DCC Blog Hop - Sock Monkey

In all the years I have been sewing, I have never made a sock monkey. I've never sewn anything using a sock, although technically, I have crafted with them. So when I was offered the chance to participate in this month's challenge...I totally accepted the challenge! I can assure you that this first little sock monkey is the "first"...of many more to come! It was actually really fun to make and the When Creativity Knocks VideoBook: "Sock Monkey Goes BanAnas", provided many tips, that made it easier and quicker!

My daughter's are already asking me to make another one, and are hoping for a girl sock we can have a mommy and daddy...and then make some babies! lol! They will be making some of the clothes for the monkey to wear and are still playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, to figure out who gets to cuddle with it first! He's already a great addition to our family of stuffies. Who knows...this just might give me reason to go bananas in the sock drawers, and make more monkeys and other stuffed creations too!

If you want a chance to win a prize package from When Creativity Knocks, here's how:

-In the Member Log in box click: Create An Account
-Entry Code: Sock Monkey 
There is also a discount coupon to purchase the WCK VideoBook: Sock Monkey Goes BanAnas
(Enter before Dec 19, 2011 for your chance to win)
Prize pack includes:
-DVD “Sock Monkeys Go BanAnas
-1 pair of Rockford Red Heeled Socks
-Sewing kit, including: needle, button eyes, floss and stuffing
-Plus 1 pre-sewn sock monkey

My daughter's and I would like to thank the sponsors of this month's DCC Blog Hop challenge:
When Creativity Knocks 
Have a great week and check back soon for my latest "STUFFED" publication (another first!)! and for an awesome Anna Griffin Sewing Pattern and Fabric giveaway!!!

This pattern is copyright protected and is for home and personal use only. The opinions set forth regarding the WhenCreativityKnocks Sock Monkey's Go Bananas VideoBook, and any other products, are my own opinions.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy Monday: DCC Blog Hop - FlipPal Holiday Ornaments

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....with these holiday ornaments hanging around....

As a member of the Designer Crafts Connection, I have the privilege to work with some really fun toys (aka products), sent to me from the manufacturers. I was grateful to be one of the 8 chosen to this month and was given a Flip Pal™ Mobile Scanner to play with and use at my discretion. Of course with Christmas on my mind already, I decided to deck the halls on this post! After all, it is my favorite time of year!

10 years ago, my husband and I got married. Just over 8 years ago we had our first baby. Almost 7 years ago we had our second, and in a few months, 7 years ago we got our first digital camera. It's so hard to believe that only 7 years ago I was still taking my "film to be processed and printed". Now with everything going digital the opportunities for creative endeavors are endless. I made some really fun ornaments with pictures I have been needing to scan, from my wedding and of my newborn babies! These ornaments are so quick and easy to make, and are great for gift giving!

Here's how to make your own:

What you'll need:
A Flip Pal™ Mobile Scanner
Inkjet Printable Fabric (please be sure to check your printer compatibility with any printing fabric you purchase!)
Ribbon (2 1/2" per ornament)
Holiday fabric of choice
Muslin Fabric
2" 3" and 5" circle die cut or templates
Fiberfill of choice
Needle & Thread

What you do:

1. Read all the instructions on the Flip Pal™ Mobile Scanner prior to using (so that you have enough batteries and can decide things like scanning at 300dpi or 600dpi). Scan all the photos or objects you'd like to use. If you don't want to purchase holiday fabric, you can make your own fabric, by scanning your favorite patterned sweater for a really great texture and printing that as well.

2. If you can't take the picture out of the book, or if you can't fit the object on top of the scanner, remove the cover, flip the scanner and scan the photo directly in the book, or directly over the item. I love this option, as it really gives you so many ways to use it while scanning a variety of things.

3. Using a die cut machine or template cut out three large circles (2 of your chosen fabric, and 1 Muslin) that are 5" in diameter, and one small 2" circle from a scrap of fabric.

4. Once you have scanned all of your photos, you can use the computer program of your choice, to prepare and crop them for printing. I placed each photo into a circle shape on my MAC program, to avoid using more ink than needed. You don't have to do it that way. You can just print each picture and crop during the sewing process. If you print them as circles, they should be no smaller than 3" in diameter. Peel the fabric, carefully, from the paper backing. Make sure you do not pull or distort the images by pulling too hard in one direction.

 5. Lay one of the holiday fabric circles right side up, and one piece of muslin on top of it. Fold it in half (as show on the left side of the group). Fold the smaller 2" circle scrap and center it. Cut out that half circle, so you have a 2" opening in the center of your ornament. Sew all the way around the center of the circle, using a 1/4" seam allowance (3rd photo from left). Now clip all the way around the inside edge of the circle, making sure to not cut the seam.

6. Once you have clipped the inside edge, flip the muslin inside through the center, and behind the front piece. This will give you the clean edge that you need in the center of your ornament. If you prefer a raw edge, you do not need to use the steps involving the Muslin. As pictured on the far right, place your photo underneath the ornament fabric.

7. Next, top stitch around the inside edge of the ornament. With raw edge to raw edge, place a piece of ribbon in the top, center of your ornament. Cover the ribbon, and front of the ornament, with the back piece of the ornament. Leaving the bottom open about 1", sew all the way around the outside edge, using a 1/4" seam allowance again.

8. Clip a notch (small triangles not shown) all the way around the edge of your ornament, again making sure not to cut the seam. Gently pull the ribbon out from the bottom opening, and turn the remainder of the ornament inside out. Gently stuff the ornament with desired fiberfill and stitch closed with a needle and thread.

These ornaments are so quick and easy to make, they would be perfect for gift tags and gift giving this holiday season. So you can make as many as you'd like. And now you'll have to hop around to see all the other amazing projects made with the FlipPal, and some other projects by the other members of the Designer Craft Connections Blog Hop (see the link below). Thanks for visiting and don't forget to click the follow button, on the right side, and sign up for the Kid Giddy email updates! After making some ornaments of your own, please feel free to share them and tag me on social media! Have a wonderful week!

This pattern is copyright protected and is for home and personal use only. The opinions set forth regarding the FlipPal Mobile Scanner, and any other products, are my own opinions. 

Here's the awesome news for you:

You can participate too! The blog hop follower and participating Scan & Share Blog Hop designer that creates the most creative and productive ideas using a Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner will each win a Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner. Do you have a creative idea for using the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner for a Scan & Share project? Enter your idea by clicking this link here. Entries are due by Dec 15th, 2011. A team from Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner will choose the winners—who will be announced on Monday, December 19, 2011

And there's more...The Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner team is also offering a coupon for 10% off the purchase of a Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner or a Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner Creative Suite—with Craft Edition DVD. To receive a coupon code click here. The coupon is valid from Nov 15 - Dec 14, 2011 or while supplies last!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Random thoughts

I've been sitting at my computer for way too long, doing absolutely nothing of worth. I feel like I'm toast. I've been sewing like crazy, to get my goods in a local shop, made some costumes (still need to post those pics) and volunteering at my daughter's schools.

Some days I have a blog post idea, but I know it will take at least an hour or longer, and then lose my motivation. Then there's the having to sew, in which case, I'd shut down my computer just to stay off of it! I have so much to share with you, and no time to do it. But have no fear, this weekend I will be going through much of my blog re-design process and hope it will be finished by Monday. I can't wait to show you what I've been up to lately, and hear your thoughts on the fresh, new, kid giddy blog look!

If you are here, reading any of my posts, won't you please leave me a little comment below. Sometimes I don't bother to post, because I feel like no one is reading. When I started this blog, I actually did it for my daughters. I wanted to share my life, talents, and accomplishments with them, because I don't journal enough. I figured this would act as my journal. I have to admit though, now, it would be lovely knowing others are reading it too, out of pure enjoyment and curiosity! So that's really it for today. No pictures. No flashy fonts and colors. Just thoughts. See you soon. I think I need a nap! -kg

Monday, October 10, 2011

Busy Monday: Bits 'n Pieces Series - Teeko the Polar Bear Softie

Hello everyone,

It is late Monday night and I had to get this little Teeko the Polar Bear post up on my blog, before flying off to neverland! I still cannot believe the year I have had. This adorable little Teeko marks the end of the "bits 'n pieces" series! This latest holiday issue (Nov/Dec 2011) of Crafts 'n things Magazine is officially out on stands...and is as cute as can be! You won't want to miss it.

A year and a half ago, my life was totally different. I blogged feverishly, I struggled to sell anything on my Etsy shop, I took my girls to school, went to karate, ran, biked...did all the normal things I would - well - normally do! Then one day a friend told me to submit something to Crafts 'n things Magazine! I thought - there's no way I could do that. But I resisted the urge to run and hide, and contacted them immediately. To my surprise - they loved my work.

I found out what they were looking for and shot an email back only 10 minutes later. Then I got an immediate response - they loved my Owl. Now I was ready to run and hide again! I had never written a pattern up - at all! I thought it had to look, sound like, and be as confusing as the store bought patterns! lol! And I certainly didn't follow those - let alone know how to write one up for others to understand it! I worked really hard on it. I wrote some of it - and struggled to write the rest. I just didn't have the confidence. I still wanted to run and hide. Finally, the day before the due date - I convinced myself it's now or never, and did it! I did the same thing when I accepted the challenge to do an entire series for the magazine! I wanted to run and hide - but told myself - "it's now or never!" So I did it. And I couldn't be happier!

I don't know how many Crafts 'n things Magazine readers are reading my blog. I don't know how many people like or love my designs. All I do know, is that I stretched myself. I didn't run and hide - when Heavenly Father knows I could've! I dug deep and I climbed my mountain. I have learned so much from this series, this experience, and I sincerely hope you have all enjoyed the new plush friends we've made together: Heddy the Hedgehog, the Tufty Bird Family, Sammy the Seahorse, Carter the Crab, the Reversible PumpKat and now Teeko the Polar Bear! Eventually, when I get my act together and have less work to do - all of these patterns will be available as kits in my Etsy shop, or my own web store. But we have time!

Thank you for taking this journey with me! I now know a few of you, from the Kid Giddy Facebook page and the Kid Giddy Flickr group, from the pictures you have posted, and I am grateful! There will be more fun stuff on the horizon - but my lips are sealed! Thank you to Abby & Annie for this journey! I hope you all have a wonderful night! See you soon!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy Monday: Think Pink Handbag Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop Sponsored by Westcott

I am so grateful for awesome companies that support great causes. Westcott Brand® is proud to be the official sponsor the October Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop, and being that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, the theme of the project challenge was… PINK!

I wanted to design a number of things when I received the box of all things pink. I immediately thought of a huge ball gown type of skirt, but realized that would take too long. At the same time I was thinking about the skirt, I was thinking about a matching bag. It was exactly what I had in mind, and I'm so excited I got the results I was hoping for! This is by far the most Duck Tape I've used at once, and the most intricate. My daughter's and I crafted some little sandals this summer, but that's about it for my handling of DuckTape!

In the end, my hands were the stickiest thing in front of me. Not the scissors, blades, or cutters! I was very impressed and had to share that! Westcott Brand® Titanium Bonded Non Stick Scissors are the BEST Non Stick Scissors on the market that never get stuck and can easily cut through Sticky Back VELCRO®, Duck Tape and multiple layers of fabric and other materials!

My favorite product was the Westcott Brand® Cutting blade which was padded and ergonomic, a far cry different than my old solid steel shank with painful metal grip dots. This blade was awesome! It made crafting this bag, so much easier!

For your chance to win some awesome Westcott Brand® products, please visit the Westcott Blog and the Westcott Brand® facebook page!

Did I can click the Charity Wings image for your chance to win THIS 1 and ONLY (Think PINK Kid Giddy bag)
& other PINK goodies in the Charity Wings auction to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness.

Feel free to say hi here and leave me a little love in the comments below! (this does not increase your chance of winning the bid or the Westcott package, nor does it count as an entry - but leaving me a comment would be much appreciated!)

After you leave me a comment, you can click forwards or backwards on the blog hop link to see the other PINK projects! Have an awesome week!

Disclosure: I received Westcott, Duct Tape & Velcro Brand products, to complete this project for Breast Cancer Awareness month. By having received these products, I have in no way altered my opinion of said products. This is not a review of the product but merely supporting products and companies that also support great causes. Opinions are my own.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Throw-Back Thursday: Vintage Sewing Books, Stitch By Stitch

Today my thoughts are revolving around these vintage sewing books my Granny gave me, many years ago, as her and my Grandpop began downsizing to move to Florida. There are 20 total books in the series. Unfortunately I have books 2 through 20 and am missing the first one. I even have the index booklet. I'm sure the first one gave all the basic of sewing, knitting, crocheting all all the other crafts featured, and therefore must have been used so often it was displaced from the rest! But of course - I can't be too sure of that. All I know is, it's gone.

Commadore keyboard Image from wikipedia
These books remind me of the days when I sat on a Commodore 64 playing "pong" before my brother took the keyboard apart thinking he could put it back together. Or of the salesmen that would walk door to door and town to town selling sets of Encyclopedias because we didn't have the internet for research homework. And reminds me of the Craft kit projects, you could pay for through the mail, one project a week or month that came with a binder to put it all in (and divider tabs). Those were the days. And those days are gone, but at least I still have the books. Something to remember "those days" by!

I wonder if my girls will remember going to book store and libraries when they are older. I wonder if their children will ever walk through the doors of a book store or library?! Wouldn't that be so sad.

These books are treasures to me. Sure they are so severely outdated...but everything old becomes new again right? Like wearing a belt on top of a plaid shirt and Farrah Fawcett hair! I can't say I look through them often, nor do I gain much inspiration from them for current projects, but they are just so cool to have. A long time ago, my Granny used these books to make things for herself, her children, her grandchildren, and friends too! Somethings are worth holding onto! What are you holding onto? Do you have special treasures from the past that tell a story? Please share it!

Have a great day, minute by minute and stitch by stitch!

These Stitch by Stitch books were printed by Torstar Books, in Belgium 1984, 1985

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Modular Star - AccuQuilt GO! Winner!

GGPS6ZSAWEZ8 WOW - I am so grateful for the awesome response to not only my Modular Star Tutorial, but also to the AccuQuilt GO! giveaway! I really love creating new designs and sewing, but it's so much more fun when I am able to help give back as well, because of companies like AccuQuilt!

I'm so excited to finally let you know who won the AccuQuilt GO! Baby giveaway. Thank you all for waiting 2 more days, but I needed to make sure that if an international fan was chosen, that they would be able to get the package. I'll be sure to ask that question next time before I post!

ok - so without further wait...Here is the winner:
Audrey's Attic

Audrey's Attic!

Audrey's Attic won an AccuQuilt GO! Baby cutter, with a cutting mat and 3 dies of her choice! How cool is that?!!! Now - if she doesn't get back to me soon - I will have to pick another winner...but I'm pretty sure she will unless she gave me the wrong email address?!

I'd like to personally thank each of you for entering the giveaway and spreading the kidgiddy love! Please come back and visit my blog often - click the follow button if you haven't already! I promise there are more good times to come! Thanks again and congrats to Audrey's Attic!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy Monday: Reversible PumpKat Softies


Hope this little PumpKat didn't scare you! Get your copy before it's gone!  The latest issue (Sept/Oct 2011) of Crafts 'n things Magazine is out on stands...or sold out - so run don't walk to get your copy now!

This year for halloween I couldn't decide if I wanted the pattern to be a Jack-o-Lantern or a Black Scaredy Cat! So it became a little of each! Just like some years...most years, my girls can't decided what they want to be for Halloween...until the last minute! Yikes!

By following the simple, sew as you go, concept in the instructions, you can to make this reversible PumpKat for your fall festive table decorations this year! Give them faces or let the fabric do all the talking. Make just one, or make as many as you please. You can even enlarge it to make a really bold...huge statement! No matter what you do...have fun and enjoy the fall season that is quickly approaching!

When you are done making your PumpKat, please head on over to my Kid Giddy Flickr group and post your pictures for all to share. I'm going to start highlighting some of you crafty folks that are posting in there! Please let me know if you have any questions putting yours together! Have an awesome week!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Busy Monday: AccuQuilt GO! Modular Star Tutorial & Giveaway!

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Most Modular Stars I have seen are made out of glass, metal or paper. I have wanted to make this modular star pattern for a very long time, and as I was deciding on which AccuQuilt GO! Dies I wanted to design with first, I knew I had to have this one. There was no doubt in my mind it would work, I just didn't know how many I'd have to make, to make it work! Although this looks so difficult, I'd actually call it a step above a "beginner level" pattern. It really is so easy, it just looks very intimidating. When in doubt try it out! The fabric used here are various patterns from the Baum Textiles (Windham Fabric) "Storybook" line. They were little pieces from their swatch cards that I have had for a long time!

Here's what you'll need:
AccuQuilt GO! Machine (Studio or Baby)
AccuQuilt GO! "Triangles in Square - 3" Finished"
AccuQuilt Cutting Mat
Fabric of Choice
Straight Scissors
Sewing Machine
Fiberfill for stuffing
Needle & Thread (for sewing closed)

Here's what you'll do:

Step 1: (Please read all manufacturers instructions prior to using your AccuQuilt cutter if you are a first timer). Place a couple of pieces of fabric onto the 2 Large Triangles of your AccuQuilt GO! Cutter die and cover with the cutting mat. Roll the die and mat through the AccuQuilt Cutter and continue this process until you have at least 60 pieces for your Modular Star. If you are using many different scraps, you may want to consider cutting a few extra, so you can be selective when coordinating each triangle and each section. 
Step 2: Place two triangles, right sides together, and stitch along one of the long sides.  You can chain stitch this step, to avoid clipping your thread and starting again each time. Be sure to lock in your stitch at each end (as you turn them right side out, they may come apart without a locked in stitch). You will need to chain stitch 20 sets of 2. 
Step 3: Now open it, right sides facing up and place the 3rd Triangle face down, lining up the raw edges. Chain stitch this step as well. You will then have sewn 20 sets of 3 triangles each. 
Step 4: Once you have sewn the 3 pieces together, you will sew the two outside edges together, to close up the side of the triangle. The bottom will remain open. After you have sewn the edge of all 20 triangles, carefully turn them all right side out. They now look like little pyramids. 

Step 5: Now we begin connecting all of the pyramids. First we start by connecting 2 triangles together, from two of the pyramids. Place right sides together and sew them together. (TIP: Don't make the mistake I made and not sew enough of a seam allowance in this step. Once 5 pyramids are sewn together you may have a hole in the center that will weaken easily over time. Your seam allowance should be at least 1/4" if not slightly more.)
Step 6: Add another pyramid to the first 2, by connecting one triangle side of the connected pyramids, to one side of the new pyramid. Continue this process until you have 5 pyramids connected (they will look like a crown). Set this crown (set of 5) aside and make another crown.
Step 7: When you have 2 crowns, pick one triangle from each crown, and connect the two triangles by sewing them right sides facing together.
Step 8: Now you'll see that by connecting the two crowns, you have 4 pyramids right in the center (2 on each side). You'll now add one pyramid in between these 4, to create a crown in the center. Connect  one side of the pyramid to the left, and the other side of the same pyramid to the right side. (Now it will look like you have one crown in the center and 3 pyramids on each side.)

Step 9: If you turn it around as in this top left picture, you'll have one crown in the center and 3 pyramids on each side (as mentioned before). Now you'll see that you have 4 again and can add a 5th pyramid in between to make a 5 pointed crown again. So repeat step 8. 
Step 10: You will continue this exact same process as you go all the way around. Remember that 20 pyramids will make one whole Modular star! 
Step 11: Before you stitch up the very last edge, you'll have to stuff it. Now I used Bamboo for this one (as seen in the pictures), and thought it would help to hold it's shape better and be more dense (bamboo is very thick and dense). But I think the next one I make will be filled with a light weight polyfill. I think it will stuff better and simply be lighter. I think it will also put less stress on the centers. So stuff yours with a fiber of choice. 
Step 12: Close your Modular star closed with a ladder stitch. It is really addictively fun to play with. Just ask my girls and my husband. Because he is a graphic designer, I'm always interested in his opinion, and when I see him seriously checking out my work (and playing with it!), I get so excited!!!

If you like this Triangle Die as much as I do, you can also check out my other AccuQuilt GO! Triangle Pennant Banner Tutorial! And now - the moment I've been waiting for, and hopefully you have been too!...

The AccuQuilt GO! GIVEAWAY!

Here's what you can win:
1 AccuQuilt GO! Baby and 3 Dies of YOUR choice! and I think a cutting mat (but I'll check on that in the meantime)! Make sure you choose Dies that are compatible with the GO! Baby!

If you win:
The winner will have to supply me (in a personal email after you have been notified as the winner) with your Full Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number & Email Address.

Details of the Giveaway:
This giveaway will be open to US Residents until I find out otherwise. It wasn't specified - so I will check and get back to you. Please enter anyway just in case!
This Giveaway will be open from Monday September 5th , 2011 4pm EST until Saturday September 17, 2011 11:59pm EST. Winner will be notified by email only. 

To Enter:
If you want a chance to win - you MUST leave A comment below ( WITH your email address. Please understand that I really don't have time to go hunting for a way to contact you) If you forget and leave another comment with only your email address, in the hopes that will count as two -  only your first comment will count). 

For additional chances to win:

  • You can tweet about it with a link - please include my twitter handle "" (leave a comment here so it counts that you did)
  • You can blog about it (leave a comment here with a link)
  • You can visit my Pinterest page ( and re-pin anyone of my Kid Giddy Designs Pins. Only the Kid Giddy Design Pins will be counted. (leave a comment here for it to count) 

So are you ready??? GO! Ahead and enter!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my tutorial and for entering my giveaway! If you have any questions about the tutorial or the giveaway you can click the contact me button up top and fire away! After you do make a Modular Star, please feel free to upload a couple of my pics to my Kid Giddy Flickr Group! I just recently started the group, so I'm really needing more company! If you've made something using one of my designs, or tutorials, please post it to the group! Good Luck and have a great week!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by AccuQuilt to design this tutorial, but I have been given some products listed, in order to make it. This does not, in any way, alter my opinions of the product being used.

Please note: This MODULAR STAR PATTERN is a Kid Giddy Original and cannot be made and resold. This pattern tutorial is being shared for home and personal use only. THANK YOU! I have received many emails inquiring to share this tutorial. You may only share the first image (which is the finished Modular Star image) and a link back to this tutorial. You may NOT re-do this tutorial (even in another language) even taking your own photos, to share on your own blog or site. I appreciate that many of you love the design, but re-creating the tutorial for your own site, even with credit is not acceptable. Thank you.

If you do not have the AccuQuilt cutter, you can still make this design, using a basic triangle shape. As long as the two side lengths are the same, you are good to go. It can be as point or as short as you'd like it. You can purchase a triangle cutting ruler (used for pennant banners and quilting) which will work as well. I'd also recommend you clip the corners to make it easier for your seam allowance. Again - just by making your own triangles doesn't mean you created the pattern, and can therefore sell it as your own, as a finished product or as a PDF pattern, etc. Thank you for your understanding!

And while you are here...would you mind clicking this image and voting for my blog...I have been nominated and would love to be included on the 2012 Top 50 mom craft blogs Babble list! I'm currently in the top 30 but need more votes to stay there and work my way closer to the top! Thanks so much!!!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER - Audrey's Attic won. Thanks!

Busy Monday: AccuQuilt Pennant Banner Tutorial

Who doesn't love a penant banner (or Garland)? Right! We all do - Well this one is so easy it will knock your socks off. Depending on how many pennants you want to make and include in each banner, it can take you about 1 - 2 hours! That's it!

This tutorial is also the first blog hop for me as a new member of the Designer Blog Craft Connection! So click on the Designer Blog Crafts Connection sidebar link after you've made your banner, to head off to the next blog for another fun craft! Every first Monday of the month we are going to have some awesome and fun projects for you. This month, the theme is parties or gatherings and things for it. These easy Pennant Banners are just so cute and festive and will cheer up any room, shower, celebration or party! It's also makes a great gift! 

Here's what you'll need:
AccuQuilt GO! Machine (Studio or Baby)
AccuQuilt GO! "Triangles in Square - 3" Finished"
AccuQuilt Cutting Mat
Fabric of Choice
Ribbon of Choice (approx. 3 yeards for 14 Pennants)
Straight Scissors
Sewing Machine
Fiberfill for stuffing
Needle and Thread (for sewing closed)

Here's what you'll do:

Step 1: Place a couple of pieces of fabric onto your AccuQuilt GO! Cutter die and cover with the cutting mat. Roll through the AccuQuilt Cutter and continue this process until you have at least 28 pieces for your pennant banner. (Please read all manufacturers instructions prior to using your AccuQuilt cutter if you are a first timer). Step 2: Place two triangles, right sides together, and stitch along the two long sides, pivoting at the tip and down the other side. Leave the shortest end open for turning right side out. You can chain stitch this step, to avoid clipping your thread and starting again each time. Be sure to lock in your stitch at each end (as you turn them right side out, they may come apart without a locked in stitch).

Step 3: Once you have sewn all 14 pieces (or more if you choose), turn them right side out and top stitch each triangle, on the same sides as they were sewn before. You can chain stitch this step as well, to save time. You do not need to lock stitch at each starting and ending point.

Step 4: Using a 1" ribbon, fold it in half lengthwise and find your center point. Layout how you'd like to place and order each pennant, 7 on each side of the fold. Begin by folding the 1" ribbon in half,  stitching the edge of the ribbon (approx. 12" length) closed. Place the first pennant's raw edge into the fold of the ribbon and continue to stitch across the ribbons edge. Stitch approx. 1" of the ribbon edge closed, and then place the next pennant into the fold. Continue this process until you have sewn all of the pennants into place. Sew the remaining edge of the ribbon closed and you're done.

This die so far has been my favorite. I've made 2 projects with it and I'm sure there's so many more I could make. I'll have to let my brain think about it some more! Now I'm off to write up the Modular Star tutorial and the awesome giveaway... you could win an AccuQuilt GO! Baby with 3 Dies of your choice too!! Whootwhoot!

If you are a quilter, you can sign up for 22 FREE AccuQuilt Patterns - click the image to the right (on the sidebar), for your free patterns and download them today - it's really that easy!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my tutorial! I hope that you enjoy making some pennant banners! When you do make some, please feel free to upload them to my Kid Giddy Flickr Group! I just recently started the group, so I'm really needing more company! If you've made something using one of my designs, or tutorials, please post it to the group! Have a wonderful day & week!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by AccuQuilt to design this tutorial, but I have been given some products listed, in order to make it. This does not, in any way, alter my opinions of the product being used.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy Monday: AccuQuilt GO! Hexagon Ball Tutorial

Back in May of this year, I stepped into the AccuQuilt booth during Quilt Market, and pitched a few of my ideas, in the hopes of working with them and their GO! products. About a month ago I was so excited to officially become one of the AccuQuilt Bloggers, and to be able to "officially" share these tutorials with you!

 The first tutorial in my AccuQuilt GO! series, is the Hexagon Ball. I had this grand idea when I started, and multiple times, thought it was going to be a total "craft fail"! Luckily I went with my gut feeling, and kept going. I'm not a quilter. I've made two "pieced quilts" over the last 10 years and they took me at least, 2 1/2 years to complete - each - sad right?!! I don't prefer to sew flat - but rather 3 dimensional. I like quick projects that are simple and fun, and I love being able to reuse and recycle when I can, all the while, making a gift or toy that will be enjoyed for years to come. With the AccuQuilt GO! and an old wool sweater (or thrifty wool find) you can make one of the balls too with minimal effort! So grab your AccuQuilt GO! or GO! Baby and lets get makin'!

Here's what you'll need:
AccuQuilt GO! Machine (Studio or Baby)
AccuQuilt Hexagon 2" - 3" - 5" Die
AccuQuilt Cutting Mat
Old Wool Sweater or anything wool (it must be 100% wool)
Straight Scissors
Sewing Machine (use a regular stitch, not a stretch or zig-zag)
Fiberfill for stuffing (or wool sweater remnants)
Needle & Thread (for sewing closed)

Here's what you do:

1. Select a 100% Wool sweater or other wool item to use for this project. Do not pre-wash (but hope it is clean enough to handle). 2. Carefully cut your wool sweater (or other wool item) apart, at the seams. Cut the arms off, the neck and waist bands, and the body. 3. Cut one of the body pieces into strips just slightly larger than the height of the hexagon size you are going to make. This ball is made using the 3" die. 4. Cut the strips into pieces to be larger than the width of the hexagon size you are going to make.

5. Place one piece of the wool fabric onto the hexagon die, of the size you are making. Cover it with the cutting mat. 6. Roll your cutting mat and die through the machine (be careful to watch your fingers), and roll it through to the other side. (TIP: If your AccuQuilt machine/die & mat are all brand new, like mine; or you are working with a thick fabric, start with only one layer at a time and build up your layers, as possible.) 7. Remove the cut fabric from the cutting mat (reminds me of Flat Stanley!) 8. Cut enough to make a ball (14 pieces) or cut extras so you can choose which pieces you want to use, to create your pattern, as I did (fussy cutting). This sweater can easily make 2 balls, a 3" and a 5".
9. Begin with your center piece. Sew one piece, to the center piece, with right sides facing together. (TIP: There is a right side and wrong side to every sweater. Make sure you always have right sides facing) On each piece you will not be sewing from edge to edge, or it will not line up to the next one. You must start with 1/4" unsewn at the corner, sew along the edge, and then stop again, so you have 1/4" remaining on the opposite corner. 10. Continue to sew a piece, along each edge, all the way around the center hexagon. Then, sew each of the edges from the center piece down the edges, using the same 1/4" rule left open at the corner.  11. After you have made both the front and the back, you can begin to connect them. You must connect them as the arrows direct. You will not be connecting the top edge of one hexagon to the top edge of the other half, but rather connecting them at an angle. 12. The results will be a flower looking piece, that will in no way resemble a ball.

13 - 16. After you have sewn all the way around the outer edges, leaving one line unsewn, you can then, carefully, turn the ball right side out. This is where I thought it was going to be a craft fail. But I kept going and just thought I'd have fun anyway with the felting process. I figured if it didn't work as a ball, it would make a fun pin cushion! Ok - moving on...

17. Begin by getting it wet with hot water. If the hot water bothers your hands, use gloves, or just wash it with a load of laundry on the hot (and non-delicate) cycle! 18. Place soap on your hands (be generous), and slowly work the soap into a strong lather. Rub the wool gently at first, and in a circular motion. 19. As you work the wool for a few minutes, you can then press a little harder and move a little quicker. Every once in a while splash it with some hot water and work it harder. This process should take a good 10 minutes. 20. Rinse it with cold  water and then do it all over again. Once you have finished, rinse it very well and be sure when squeezed, there is no soap remaining.

21. When you are finished squeezing out as much of the water as you can, you'll notice the fibers are much tighter and closer together. If this did not happen, try the felting steps again. If it doesn't appear shrunken, there may be other non-wool fibers woven with the wool, in which case it won't work as well. 22. If it worked, place the ball in the dryer (with other items so you don't over heat your dryer), and dry it for about 40 minutes, or until dry! 23. If you place the ball next to one of your left over pieces, you'll see the difference in the fiber weave, and in the size. 24. Now through the opening, generously stuff your ball with your choice of fiberfill. I do prefer a premium blend to prevent bunching. 25. And stitch closed with a needle and thread (step not shown)!

I love the AccuQuilt GO!, and think it has more uses for us crafters than meets the eye! I'm so excited for the other tutorials I'm working on for stay tuned for more fun, AccuQuilt Tutorials coming soon! Oh and did I mention, an awesome AccuQuilt GO! Baby giveaway with 3 Dies of your choice too!! Whootwhoot!

In the meantime, you can sign up for 22 FREE AccuQuilt Patterns - click the image to the right (on the sidebar) for your free patterns and download them today - it's really that easy!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my tutorial! I hope that you make a ball or two, and when you do, I hope you come by and let me know, and also upload them to my Kid Giddy Flickr Group! I just recently started the group, so I'm needing more company! If you've made something using one of my designs, or tutorials, please post it to the group! Have a wonderful day & week!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by AccuQuilt to design this tutorial, but I have been given some products listed, in order to make it. This does not, in any way, alter my opinions of the product being used.