Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Little Hot Air....Balloon Valentine Tutorial with Phoomph - No Sew

I'm back from CHA and my head is still reeling with tons of ideas. Well, really - when is it not? I got this fun "phoomph" stuff to play with from Coats and Clark and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it first.
If you still need an idea for a valentine or two...take their breathe away with these cute, no sew Hot Air Balloons! You can make the simple version (great for kids) or if you get carried away, you can make the 3D version. Either way, they will both be cute and the talk of the town!

Here's what you'll need:

I prefer to use the stiff Phoomph material for this project, and used my Westcott No-Stick Titanium scissors!

You'll need to print this out. I preferred to use card stock so the little banners are sturdy, but it's up to you.

Here's the Simple "stacked" version:

And here's the 3D version:

Phoomph comes in white, black, and many different colors and soft or stiff. I have used the stiff for stability, and used pink for these so you can clearly see everything on the white background. Fold over the paper liner on your first large hot air balloon piece. Place half of the fabric and fold the other half on top of itself.  
Take a half piece of the large hot air balloon, and lay that on top of the back of the first fabric piece. Take off the paper liner from that half, and lay the next fabric piece on top. Repeat this step with another half piece of the Large hot air balloon piece, so there are 2 halves. You can use a whole piece, but the phoomph doesn't keep a fold or crease easily because it's stiff. So cutting it in half, helps do what it needs to do.

After you place the second half, the last piece of fabric will cover the second half and the other half of the very first piece. So place the fabric on the first whole piece, and connect it to the half piece. Flip the whole thing over, place 2 knotted threads down the center of the hot air balloon, and begin the whole process again. (fold the threads in half, so you have 4 pieces at the end to attach to each corner of the basket)

To make the basket, cut out the inside piece first (with phoomph and fabric already attached on one side is easiest). Flip the basket piece over and take off all of the paper liner except one side so it doesn't stick to the fabric in this step. Place the square onto the center of the basket.

Attach each thread end to the outer sides of the basket (evenly so the basket isn't crooked), and then hold the sides up and wrap the fabric around the outside of the basket until they meet in the back. This will hold the sides together. Attach a message banner to one of the threads the same way as done above.

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Hope you are feeling the love!


Although I was given free Phoomph from Coats and Clark, and decorative Kreinik thread product, the opinions set forth in this post, are my own. This tutorial is shared with you in the hopes that you will learn a new fun craft. Please do not use my tutorials for your own gain. Please do not use my photos without permission and please do not retake any photos to remake the tutorial for your own blog or another company. These photos and the text are copyright protected. If you'd like to "Pin" one of the photos, please credit me by using "#kidgiddy". Thank you for your cooperation.