Monday, April 15, 2013

Mini Felted Cherry Blossom Tutorial

DIY Cherry Blossom Tree Craft Felted Flowers by Kid Giddy photo DIYCherryBlossomTreeByKidGiddy1_zpsad5b4e54.jpgIt's no secret, I live in Maine. I live far far away from the March/April beauty of the southern Cherry Blossom trees that everyone post pics about and talks about all over Facebook and Instagram. About two weeks ago I saw so many cherry blossom tree pics, that I decided to make a little one for myself to enjoy.
DIY Cherry Blossom Tree Craft Felted Flowers by Kid Giddy photo DIYCherryBlossomTreeByKidGiddy8_zpsb9cd4052.jpg
Since I can't have the real thing this will have to do, until it's warm enough here in Maine for all of our flowering trees and bushes to pop! I used an old pink wool sweater that I previously cut apart for this Hexagon Ball tutorial, but you can buy some 100% wool felt from your nearest craft or fabric store if you don't, as I used here for the white flowers. You'll also need some basic needle felting supplies, a hot glue gun and a branch that looks like a mini tree.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Cousins Slider Bracelet Blog Hop

Kid Giddy Felted Flower Butterfly Frog Bracelets made with Cousin Jewelry photo CousinsSlideBraceletsByKidGiddy1_zps22cc678c.jpg
I'm always so excited to get a new box of products to play with because it always stretches my brain and creative process. This time it was a box from the folks over at Cousin Jewelry. They have a new slider bracelet system which is easier than making pie! (Of course, I would never suggest you not make pie - esp if you are going to eat it while crafting)

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Little Mood Board Inspiration

I made this inspiration board or mood board last year while taking the online "blogging your way" course with Holly Becker of decor8. One of the first "assignments" was to make a mood board to help realize or confirm what colors we love and textures and patterns. I already knew what I loved, but wanted to have fun putting it all together anyway.

I was in the thick of my book proposal at the time, and never posted these pics...but they are still so true for me, even a year later! I walked around my house, and my craft room gathering all the little things that inspire me. These colors have always been favorites, especially the green. I think these will always be 'my colors'. The flowers remind me of all that is good in this world. That God has created so many beautiful things for us to see an be inspired by on a daily basis.