Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Edible Wednesday: Wonton Soup (Semi-Homemade)

So I kind of made this soup by accident. And I just love a yummy accident. I was really hungry and was really only in the mood for a nice brothy style soup, but wasn't happy with the canned soup I had to choose from! At the same time, I was being tempted by this (new to me) bag of mini frozen wonton's in my freezer, ever so softly calling out my name....

I grabbed the bag and saw that you could cook them up a couple of ways, IE: microwave, stir fry, or in a soup. And I thought - hmmm...I could do that.

So I just grabbed what I was in the mood for (chicken broth), julienned some carrots, re-heated some frozen broccoli (needed some good color), and once that was all nice and warm, I added the mini wonton's. It literally took me all of 10 minutes to prep and cook. My husband was eyeing it the whole time, so I did have to share, but wow - it was so delicious!

So if you are a fan of Semi-Homemade recipes...this one is for you! You can't help but love it!

Here's what you need:
Annie Chun's mini wontons (pick any flavor that speaks to you!)
1 1/2 cups of Chicken Broth (you can also use Vegetable broth if you'd like - or a combo)
1 cup of frozen Broccoli (or fresh)
1 Small - Med carrot stick - julienne

(you can also add Garlic, Ginger, or any other extras you'd like. I kept mine simple.)

Here's what you do:
1) Defrost your broccoli in the microwave if you are using frozen.
2) Pour your broth into a stove top safe dish and turn stove onto medium heat.
3) Julienne your Carrots and immediately add this to the broth.
4) add the Broccoli with the carrots if using it fresh or add once defrosted.
5) Once your soup has come to a boil and your carrots are a little soft, add your frozen wontons. and continue to heat until almost boiling again.

The great thing is - The bag of mini frozen Wontons was only $3.69 and there are 4 wontons to a serving, with 6 servings to a bag. 4 Wonton's is only 100 calories, so you can easily have 8 (for 200 calories)- and really that's only $1.23 for 8 minis. That rocks! Once you add the broth and the broccoli and carrots, you are only at maybe 330 calories total and maybe $3.00?! What a deal!

My husband is just as hooked as am I, and while I was just buying 3 more bags from my frozen food isle, I called my sister and now she's on a mission to get some too! Dude - you have to try this!

I hope you have a great day!!! I'm off to make Wonton soup for lunch!