Monday, July 2, 2012

Beat the Heat This Summer Frozen Washcloths Craft - DCC Blog Hop

The heat waves are upon us folks...or they are coming soon, and I've got a great way to beat the heat this summer. Get your craft on with me, and make some awesome, freezing cold washcloths to keep you as cool as a cucumber!

I don't remember everything from when I was little. My memories are spotty at best, as if I took one photo out of an entire album to keep, and lost all the rest. One of the fondest memories I do have though, of my Grandma Pratt was of her packing up wash clothes for a day on the golf course.

The night before her golf day, she would get her stash of washcloths, dunk them in cool water, wring them out and package them in small sandwich baggies (or maybe it was just saran wrap?), then pop them in the freezer. The next morning, she would grab all the washclothes from the freezer and pack them in the cooler with a couple of ice packs on top.

She was a confident woman. I always felt that way about her. That she knew who she was and didn't let anyone walk all over her. She was also brilliant. She explained to us that she used these washclothes on really hot days on the golf course to keep her cool. She said when she got hot, she'd lay one on the back of her neck or wrap it around her wrist and that would help cool her body temp down. Or she would simply 'dab' (because ladies didn't 'wipe') the sweat from her brow. lol! I've never forgotten these washcloths.

They are really easy and fun to make for all ages!

Here's what you need:
A pack of (inexpensive) plain washcloths - I used white (as did my grandmother, you can use any color you'd like)
Fabric Markers - I used Marvvy Uchida Fine Tip Fabric Markers
Embossing Heat Tool - I used the Marvvy Uchida model #2500 (this will help set each color so it doesn't bled through or blend with each color. It also sets it prior to washing)
Cardboard to lean on

Here's what you do:
1. Set your cardboard on your table top.
2. Place the corner of a washcloth in the center of the board.
3. With an idea already in mind, begin your design by dotting with the Fine Tip fabric marker as you go along. I found dotting to be easier and more effective on terry cloth than drawing, as it helps get further down, and gives you a richer color.
4. After each color, set with the Embossing heat tool. Be sure to read all the manufacturers instructions prior to using. It can get very hot and should be used with care.
5. Once your design is completed, finish it with the embossing heat tool again to set the design prior to washing. You can also throw it in the dryer.
6. Once they are set, you can give them a quick wash.
7. Don't dry them, but add a little more water too them (not dripping) and place them in the freezer folded in 3's or in quarters, in separate baggies. Do not put them in touching the side of the freezer or an ice cream maker bowl. Certain things will cause it to stick and not release. (may also depend on how much water is in the washcloth).

My girls made their own too and had a lot of fun! My only recommendation when deciding what design to put on your washcloths, is to only outline. Trying to fill it all in can use up your marker quickly and again it's difficult on terry cloth. On the thermometer design, I dotted it a little to looked filled in, but when you look closely at it, it's really not.

Here are some ways you can use them:

  • On any hot summer day - This may be at home, or at the beach, during the day or at night - no matter when - it's a great way to cool off!
  • Lunch Surprise - for a little refresher after lunch or recess - pack a frozen washcloth in your child's lunch bag, with a small ice pack to keep it really cold! My girls love this, and their friends are jealous! I've wanted to bring in tons for the classroom - but I wasn't allowed.
  • Sick Days - when the girls get really sick, it helps keep their core temp down to avoid tons of meds when it's just not that bad! It also helps with the stomach bug and they heat up quickly!
  • I Workout - no matter what sport you play (for my Grandmother it was Golf, for me it's Karate and Insanity workouts, for my husband it's Tennis) we can all use them to stay cool while we get our workouts done!
There are so many ways to benefit from these washcloths and beat the heat! Make one, make a ton, either way - it will be fun and cool this summer with your new frozen washcloth! (I will post a pic of my grandmothers cloths later...I can't locate the pics - so I'll take new ones. She did sailboats!)

Thanks for stopping by and crafting with me. If you'd like to see more vacation crafts, please hop around through the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop to check out what the other designers have come up with!

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