Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy Monday: Gnome Costume

My youngest daughter is not "obsessed" with Gnomes, but really enjoys going to Grandma's house to search for a little kitchen Gnome that wakes up every night and travels around the kitchen getting into things and making messes. She loves finding him in the morning and tries to determine exactly what he was up to while she was sleeping!

After having our landscaping done by "Gnome Landscaping" we got a Gnome (named Forest) left on our doorstep for our garden! He doesn't travel at all because he's "too old" but does a great job watching the deer eat all of the tomatoes, peppers and everything else we planted this year! He's not much of a "guardian" garden gnome because those deer got away with everything!

Naturally amongst all this - she wanted to be a Gnome Girl for Halloween this year. She wanted to be a Gnome last year, but the thought of making it then was too daunting for me! This year I knew I couldn't get away with buying another princess costume, so I pretty much had no other option but to make it!

So here's the costume and brief descriptions how I made it....We'll start off first with the "vision" drawing...

Here's the Jacket:

Start with 3 pieces: 2 front sides that are the same, and one back piece that is the same size as the 2 fronts.

After sewing the side seams and the top shoulder seams, turn right side out.


Cut sleeves to desired length and sew to arm hole and then sew the length.

Attach Ruffle to edge (I rounded the corners as I went!) and to the sleeves (see the skirt).
Add the Fabric Covered buttons for decoration.
Cute fabric covered buttons of Gnome Girls is from Michael Miller Gnoming Around Yellow Fabric.

Here's the Skirt:

Cut out 2 pieces of a skirt. I used Pattern Ease for making a rough pattern. When in doubt add a few inches to sides and length! I also cut the fleece with the stretch going from side to side!

Turn down seam and stitch leaving a small opening for the elastic.

I used 4" width ruffles. Fold in half & hand or machine stitch a basting stitch and then pin your ends and center in place.

Keep finding the center points and pinning them, so it's easier to know the ruffle will be consistent!

Sew on the Ruffles and turn skirt right side out.


Here's the Hat:

Who doesn't want a cute pointy polka dot hat with a matching fleece flower. 

Here's the Apron:

I added ric-rac to the apron for cuteness factor!

Cut 4 straps for the neck and waist ties. The ties will be facing inway and wouldn't be seen technically - but I showed them so you know to make them! This is the Michael Miller "Gnomeville" Red Border fabric panel! Way cute!

After sewing all around the edge (leaving a couple inches open), turn right side out and top stitch all the way around! I'd use a more rounded inside corner up by the waist straps (where the top meets the bottom).

All of the pieces were made without use of a pattern. These are Kid Giddy Original patterns and therefore cannot be created for resale purposes. I am sharing this tutorial out of the kindness of my heart to satisfy all the Gnome loving children out there. You can use this tutorial to make a costume for yourself or your child. PLEASE do not copy this and sell it for your own use! Likewise, please do not copy the tutorial by retaking all of your own photos and posting it on your blog as your own. I've seen it happen - so please give credit where credit is due. Thanks!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Giddy Up Friday: HALLOWEEN Sudoku - Printables

Boo Boo to all you ghosts and gobblins out there! (That's hello in halloween!). I have received a little help from my own little ghost and gobblin here in my house - to help bring you these really spooktacular Halloween Sudoku puzzles! This time - in 3 Levels, with Pumpkins, Black Cats, Scarecrows, Spiders, Bats, Ghosts, Green Witches, Skulls, and of course - Candy!
As with the other puzzles, I would highly recommend you print them, cut out the images, trim up the board, and laminate them all, for more prolonged use! Before laminating it, you can put the puzzle board on a piece of colored construction paper or scrapbooking paper, and glue the answer key on the back so you don't lose it!

My girls had so much fun making these drawings for you. They are not as brightly colored as the original Sudoku Puzzles I created for you on my computer, but these Halloween images were tailor made and are so fun (and so not scary! my girls don't draw scary - I even had to draw the skull! lol!)

If you print off the Level 3, you'll have to print off the 4th page (with the answer key) to have the remaining pieces for the game too.

Check back for even MORE holiday versions coming in early December! Thanks for reading and sharing a link, but please don't copy my work (and my daughter's works!).

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stop the Thumbsucking Habit Giveaway #6 & #7 - WINNERS

Good evening (or good morning - depending on when you are reading this!) everyone,

Once again, I used to generate the numbers for me and the winners are:
Comment #4 (Kirsten)*

Comment #9 (snekcip)* (I don't have your email - please contact me asap or I'll have to pick a new winner!)

Congrats Kirsten & snekcip! Thank you to all of you other friends for also entering, you can try again next month or purchase your "ME Thumbsucking Cover" guard now and get free shipping.**

Have a great weekend! I'm off to rest my aching head, get some sleep and I'm going to dream of sewing like crazy, enough to clear my sewing table before the weekend comes!! - kg

*Kirsten & snekcip have 48 hours to respond to this post or to my email to claim their prize, or another winner will be chosen by default.
**Free Shipping is offered only to those who have previously entered this giveaway via comments on the 6th & 7th giveaway post before the midnight deadline (please enter your google name in the message to seller at check out for verification). Free shipping offer, as mentioned, is valid until Oct. 21, 2010 11:59pm.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stop the Thumbsucking Habit Giveaway #6 & #7

Wow - Summer came and went. School started with all it's glory and buzz and excitement. Now fall is upon us and I'm trying to catch up on all that I missed in the meantime! So this months giveaway will be for 2 - yes - TWO thumb covers. Since I missed September's giveaway - I'm going to pick 2 winners to each win 1 of my Kid Giddy Thumb Covers (or Finger Cover!)! Isn't that so exciting?!!! I'm excited!

My ME Thumbsucking Thumb Covers work alone and just simply cover the thumb! When my girls were needing to stop for age and dental reasons - I took it upon myself to make them something to help them kick the habit, after researching and scouring the world wide web and not finding something suitable. I found other devices that were extremely outrageous in price, or were too hard (plastic ones), too flimsy, made with velcro (meaning my child wold most definitely take it off), and as we all know...I found the nasty nail polish that wouldn't work and was therefore not an option.

With all that I [didn't] find - I knew I'd have to make my own. I knew I wasn't the only one out there with the same concerns - and then wanted to help kids and parents gain control and break the habit by offering my product on Etsy. When I made this stop thumb sucking cover for my girls (M & E), I did it 1) to help them stop sucking their thumbs, and 2) to help me stop nagging them to stop. Once it was on - it was "game on" and there was no taking it off.
Are you at this same point. Do you want to help your child stop the habit before it gets worse and costly? I have had pediatric dentist offices contacting me to share my awesome ME Thumbsucking Thumb Covers with their clients. I've had parents telling their friends who tell their friends and so on because it works. I've had parents email to tell me - their child's thumb sucking days are over! Be prepared to be happy and sad when they do quit, because I can assure you, it is a very bitter sweet moment!

Ok - so here's the scoop! I want to help people. I would like to help the children realize they can comfort themselves without putting their thumbs in their mouth, and I want to help you - the parents of these great children before the battle begins - or end the battle if it has already started! In order to do that - they need to know about my product and about Kid Giddy. For the rest of this year, I am giving away 1 Kid Giddy ME Thumbsucking Thumb Cover away every month (on the first Saturday of the month - I know - this is the 2nd Saturday - but I was happily watching my daughter turn 7 all last week!) to a lucky Kid Giddy Blog follower. (Previous winners do not qualify - sorry - just trying to spread the joy and winnings!) Here's what you have to do:

1) You must be a Kid Giddy Blog follower - it's ok. I always do my best to put up the most amazing yummy recipes, fun activities for kids...and fun tutorials, crafts, photos, eye candy, and busy business kind of information!....Leave a comment here - letting me know you are a follower (aka "friend"!).

2) (Extra Entry) Add the Kid Giddy blog button to your blog and leave a link here in the comment. (Eventually I will create a blog roll of friends - so if you want to be added to the blog roll - let me know!)

3) (Extra Entry) Become a Fan on the Kid Giddy Facebook fan page and leave a comment here (with your facebook initials).

4) (Extra Entry) Tweet about this giveaway and mention @kidgiddyetsy (MUST BE A NEW Tweet - No repeated tweets are considered - must be current!)...Leave a comment here letting me know you did.

5) (Extra Entry) Blog about this giveaway on your blog (MUST BE A NEW POST - No repeated posts are considered - must be current!)...Leave a link with your comment.

6) (Extra Entry) Blog about your favorite product from my Kid Giddy Etsy shop (doesn't have to be the ME Thumbsucking Cover!...just your favorite.) (MUST BE A NEW POST - No repeated posts are considered - must be current!)...Leave a link with your comment.

So there you have it - 6 chances to enter your name to win!

Are you ready now? Are you really ready? Your child doesn't have to be...but you do! And you have to have patience and compassion in your pocket for when it makes them so sad to not be able to suck their thumbs. You'll have to stay strong - when they are weak, give lots of hugs and kisses and praise! On your mark, Get Set....GO!

(Good Luck)

All entries in by Wednesday October 13th 11:59 pm will be considered. Numbers will be picked at random using a number generator. Winners will be notified the next day on Thursday afternoon. Please be sure your email [at] wherever [is] included in each comment - I won't go hunting for it! If winners cannot be reached or does not contact me by Friday evening (48 hours) - a new winner will be chosen!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Our Sketchbook Projects: Part 1

My oldest daughter "Monkey" has been drawing since she was 14 months old. By the time she was 22 months old, she was drawing Sesame Street Characters with the understanding that Ernie's head went in a sideways oval, Bert's head went in a vertical oval, and Elmo and Cookie Monster had fuzzy edges! We worked with her because she was so interested in taking something to paper.

 When our second daughter "Elephant" came along, we were surprised she didn't care too much to draw like Monkey did when she was so little. But in her own due time, she too sat beside her sister and began to draw feverishly, producing pictures well beyond her years too (like this one of Daddy just before turning 2). Regardless of how much they draw, and what they draw, their skills still shock us. Their teachers quickly learn that they are right brained thinkers and the other parents quickly notice one self portrait more detailed and advanced than all the others. (they are currently 7.5 and almost 6)

We do not boast, we merely enjoy that Heavenly Father has blessed both of our girls with this amazing talent, that can be taken on the road, help them in times of sorrow or stress, and bless the lives of others.

About 6 months ago, Monkey decided she wanted to write a book to put in our local library. It was such a bummer to break the news to her, that she had to use her own characters (not Kit the American Girl), and that she had to have it published and all the unknown processes that go with publishing a book. She was devastated and stopped writing the book. Mommy of the year award - right?!

Well - back at the end of August I found a link for the 2011 Sketchbook Project, something I had never heard about. But what I found out, is that this was my daughter's chance to write a book - to draw a book - to do what ever with her book and to have it be a part of "a library"! I got through the first few weeks of school but kept feeling pressed to order the books. I finally ordered one for me and one for each of them (hubby doesn't have time)....and when they arrived the girls were elated and Monkey began to glow with joy!

So without further ado... I wish to present the first pages of theirs, and my poem, that has kick started our very own Sketchbooks that will be traveling along the east coast and coming to our own back yard next year! Whatever you do....PLEASE DO NOT copy anything here. My daughter's works are very precious to us and should not be duplicated in any way shape or form. (not to mention they are copyright protected!)!

Monkey's First page (Raining Cats & Dogs Theme):

 Elephant's First Page (Raining Cats & Dogs Theme):

Here is my Poem. The theme I chose was "In 5 Minutes". So the poem I wrote is going to have 1 line on each page. But my pages are doubled - you'll see why! I haven't started the actual pages....(secret still)!

"In 5 Minutes" by Kerry Goulder

In 5 minutes
my life will change
the winds will pass
and rearrange.

the clouds will come
and quickly fade
the birds will sing
and fly away.

In 5 minutes
my babies grow
their little hearts
I get to sew.

and every thread
will have it's limits
my life will change
in just 5 minutes.

So that's the start of our sketchbooks. I'll try to post every week and maybe even twice a week. It cost an extra $25 each, to have them digitized, so I passed on that since I can do it myself! That way I can digitize them little by little, and share this process with all of my readers too. Again - PLEASE DO NOT COPY! I will find it, I will find you and justice will be served (and I say that in the nicest/sweetest way possible)! ; )

Have a great day!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Giddy Up Friday: Sudoku - Printables

WOW - Happy October! It's been way too long since I've posted something. I've been so busy this month - almost on the verge of a mental breakdown. And most of it has to do with my "craft room" being taken over by fabric, poly-fil stuffing and thread tornadoes! And driving massive amounts of time for school.

Regardless, I whipped up these sudoku puzzles for my daughter's kindergarten class and wanted to share them with all of my awesome readers! There are 2 levels and an answer key for both levels.

I would highly recommend you print them, cut out the shapes and trim up the board, and laminate them for more prolonged use! Before laminating it, you can put it on a piece of colored construction paper or scrapbooking paper, and glue the answer key on the back so you don't lose it!

If you'd like a third level, drop me a line and let me know! Check back for more holiday versions coming soon! Thanks for reading and sharing a link, but please don't copy my work.

EDIT: 10.15.2014 - A 3rd Level has been requested. If you'd like the 3rd and 4th levels, as well as some blank boards and all the pieces, please visit the More Sudoku Puzzles post.