Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Edible Wednesday: Challah Bread French Toast

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My taste buds go for all things french toast! I'd eat it for every meal of every day if I knew my body would be ok with that, so when I was visiting my mom's house recently and she mentioned "French Toast" - my ears perked right up and I paid attention! Not only is this recipe yummy - let me rephrase -'s so completely easy to make! SO thanks mom (who got it from someone at school - who got it from who knows where) thanks everyone - I'll be gaining a few pounds from this one I'm sure - or I'll have to get on my bike a few more times!

Here's what you need:
1 Loaf Challah Bread - this beautiful knotted/braided looking bread
3 Cups Milk (read - Skim, Whole, Half and Half - Light Cream - whatever).
12 Eggs (Yeah - not a typo: the rule of thumb is - 1 Cup of milk for every 4 eggs...Isn't that how you'd make regular french toast? This is just all at  once, so it seems like alot)
Vanilla Extract to taste
Cinnamon to taste
Nutmeg to taste
(Maybe even) Ground Ginger to taste (see what I'm getting at here? - add what ever you'd like!)

Here's what you do:
Slice up your Challah Bread in nice Texas style (big) thick slices (I got about 8 good ones)
Crack the eggs first in a bowl. (Do this first to avoid losing shell bits in the milk)! Then add the dairy.
Dump in all your extra flavorings: Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, etc. How ever much you'd use when making regular french toast - do that 3 times. Maybe 3 tsps each? It's up to you. Less is best when you are not sure!
Slowly - and I mean slowly (so you don't splatter) pour in the mixture over your challah bread. I tried to pour just over the tops of the bread since they won't be "soaked" over night as the bottom will. Pour until it's all gone! Cover with plastic wrap and set in fridge overnight!
In the morning, take it out and preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Remove plastic wrap and place the pan in the oven for about 30 - 45 minutes - you gotta really watch it (I didn't and you can see the little burning on the tips as a result - don't do that!) Remove and let cool a bit. Dude - can you smell it yet??? AMAZING!
Once it's ready and not going to burn anyone - pull out a slice and top with what ever your heart desires! For me - that's real Maple Syrup and a sprinkling of Powdered Sugar! Talk about a party in my tummy! Whoo!

So - now - for what I'd try differently the next time....I'd love to see if I can use a little less of the milk and eggs - Maybe 2 cups and 8 eggs. Lay the bread flat on a cookie sheet with walls and see if it could cook faster and more evenly. But that's try it out - and see what you get. Tell me what you'd try differently...Enjoy folks - and come back for more yummy recipes and fun crafts and tutorials - thanks for coming by my kitchen!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Guest Blogging - Building Fairy houses...

Hey everyone -

I'm really excited to be a guest blogger on EtsyKids today! Back in June I went Fairy House building with my kids and my sister's family! Here's one picture of Elephant with her fairy house...
We had such a blast and you can too! Check out my post and get started on your own Fairy House! (And be sure to come back here and click through some other posts, recipes, crafts, etc!) Thanks & have a great weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy Monday: Scrappy Owl Photo Tutorial

Hi everyone,

I'm so excited and speechless to have this opportunity to be teaming up with Crafts 'n Things Magazine to bring you a photo tutorial to help you put your Scrappy Owl Ornament Sachet together.

Please be sure to get your copy of the Sept/Oct issue of Crafts 'n Things Magazine so you can get the pattern and written instructions, as they will not all be included here.

Each photo has a Step # on it. That Step # correlates with the ones in the magazine (I really try to make crafting easy!)

I do not have photos of Steps 1 is tracing the pattern and cutting it out. I have not included that step. Let me know if you need it! Since Step 2 was requested, I am adding that now (today is now Oct 6, 2010 - took me long enough!)

So here goes:
A= 1/4" Seam Allowance, B= Trim rounded edges, C= Turn inside out (see photo below), D= Top Stitch

If you have any questions at all - please do not hesitate to drop me a comment here to let me know! If you'd like to share your Scrappy Owl creation - you can visit Crafts 'n Things Facebook page and upload a picture of your cute little owls and all the fun they are getting into! Thanks for purchasing a copy of Crafts 'n Things magazine and supporting crafters like me! Have fun sewing!

Please note these photos are for home and personal use only, as is the pattern. All are copyright protected 2010.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stop the Thumbsucking Habit Giveaway #5 - WINNER

Good morning everyone,

Once again, I used to generate a number for me and it was:

Comment #1 (Heather)*

Congrats Heather! Thank you all others for also entering, you can try again next month or purchase your "ME Thumbsucking Cover" guard now and get free shipping.**

Have a great weekend! I'm off to list my first owl on my etsy shop, ship out another finger and thumb cover, and hopefully relax my bad back! - kg

*Heather has 48 hours to respond to this post or to my email to claim the prize, or another winner will be chosen by default.
**Free Shipping is offered only to those who had previously entered the giveaway via comments on the 5th giveaway post before the midnight deadline (please enter your google name in the message to seller at check out for verification). Free shipping offer, as mentioned, is valid until Aug 19, 2010 11:59pm.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy Monday: How Our Yard Grows....

Last year we had all of our plants pulled up out of the ground in the front of our house. Some of the "keeper" plants were added into the landscaping plans and the thorny invasive plants were cast out. We also added a beautiful lamp post and our friend "Forest". Here's a little tour of our yard. As the days go on, I'm looking forward to seeing it fill in as the years go on and looking forward to clipping all the lavender (not pictured) for more organic home made sachets!
Mini Crab Apple Tree Buds

Lamp Post Globe Fixture

Fuzzy Lamb Ears

Tinkerbell Lilac Blossoms

Chatterer's Front Door in our Garden's Rock Wall

This is Chatterer. We have since had to move him. Sad!

My Mother's Day White Lilacs

Here is Forest. He now hides behind the Lavender and watches over our Garden

I have so many others that I didn't photograph, which I will post another time. Do you garden? Do you have a favorite plant/flower? Have you blogged about it? I'd love to see. Comment below and share your post link...

Have a great day!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stop the Thumbsucking Habit Giveaway #5

The last month of official summer - is your child ready for school? Get your child to stop sucking their thumb now before school starts - don't bring home all those germs!
My ME Thumbsucking Thumb Covers work alone and just simply cover the thumb! When my girls were needing to stop for age and dental reasons - I took it upon myself to make them something to help them kick the habit, after researching and scouring the world wide web and not finding something suitable. I found other thumb covers that were extremely outrageous in price, too hard (plastic ones), too flimsy, made with velcro (meaning my child wold most definitely take it off), and the nasty nail polish that wouldn't work and was therefore not an option.

With all that I [didn't] find - I knew I'd have to make my own. I knew I wasn't the only one out there with the same concerns - and then wanted to help kids and parents gain control and break the habit by offering my product on Etsy. When I made this stop thumb sucking cover for my girls (M & E), I did it 1) to help them stop sucking their thumbs, and 2) to help me stop nagging them to stop. Once it was on - it was "game on" and there was no taking it off.
Are you at this same point. Do you want to help your child stop the habit before it gets worse and costly? I have had pediatric dentist offices contacting me to share my awesome ME Thumbsucking Thumb Covers with their clients. I've had parents telling their friends who tell their friends and so on because it works. I've had parents email to tell me - their child's thumb sucking days are over! Be prepared to be happy and sad when they do quit, because I can assure you, it is a very bitter sweet moment!

Ok - so here's the scoop! I want to help people. I would like to help the children realize they can comfort themselves without putting their thumbs in their mouth, and I want to help you - the parents of these great children before the battle begins - or end the battle if it has already started! In order to do that - they need to know about my product and about Kid Giddy. For the rest of this year, I am giving away 1 Kid Giddy ME Thumbsucking Thumb Cover away every month (on the first Saturday of the month - I know - this is the 2nd Saturday - but I was happily watching my daughter turn 7 all last week!) to a lucky Kid Giddy Blog follower. (Previous winners do not qualify - sorry - just trying to spread the joy and winnings!) Here's what you have to do:

1) You must be a Kid Giddy Blog follower - it's ok. I always do my best to put up the most amazing yummy recipes, fun activities for kids...and fun tutorials, crafts, photos, eye candy, and busy business kind of information!....Leave a comment here - letting me know you are a follower (aka "friend"!).

2) (Extra Entry) Add the Kid Giddy blog button to your blog and leave a link here in the comment. (Eventually I will create a blog roll of friends - so if you want to be added to the blog roll - let me know!)

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4) (Extra Entry) Tweet about this giveaway and mention @kidgiddyetsy (MUST BE A NEW Tweet - No repeated tweets are considered - must be current!)...Leave a comment here letting me know you did.

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6) (Extra Entry) Blog about your favorite product from my Kid Giddy Etsy shop (doesn't have to be the ME Thumbsucking Cover!...just your favorite.) (MUST BE A NEW POST - No repeated posts are considered - must be current!)...Leave a link with your comment.

So there you have it - 6 chances to enter your name to win!

Are you ready now? Are you really ready? Your child doesn't have to be...but you do! And you have to have patience and compassion in your pocket for when it makes them sad to not be able to suck their thumbs. You'll have to stay strong - when they are weak, give lots of hugs and kisses and praise! On your mark, Get Set....GO!

(Good Luck)

All entries in by Wednesday August 11th 11:59 pm will be considered. Number will be picked at random using a number generator. Winner will be notified the next day on Thursday afternoon. Please be sure your email [at] wherever [is] included in each comment - I won't go hunting for it! If winner cannot be reached or does not contact me by Friday evening (48 hours) - a new winner will be chosen!