Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Studio and Travel Organization

It's still January, so I can still say welcome to the new year and a new decade. I have tons of new stuff coming down the pike and even some older stuff I haven't shared yet. But first up - the #kidgiddystudio requires a bit of organizing, destashing and overall cleaning up. I've lived in my house for almost 20 years - and I am feeling this "20 year itch" to make some changes (like out with the old - in with...nothing new). Have you ever felt this way? This is the longest I have ever been in one place all of my life, which is so strange to say and feel. But it's true and that means stuff has moved from room to room after baby number one, and then moved again after baby number two, and then again after starting kid giddy, and during renovations, and whew - I'm out of breathe.

My Potter desk above tends to get covered in the WIP's and to-do projects, but I love being able to have a small design board here, my serger and my collection of Aurifil threads on the ready for quick switches and fixes.
For the past 7 years, I have had my studio space above the garage (you can see the start of it here) and what once was fun moving into, is slowly starting to feel suffocating because I create all of the time and make really really big messes. So last weekend, I started clearing 10-20 year old things out of my closet to make more room for thinking and breathing. I'm not done yet - but just getting started is feeling great. I'm letting go of said "things", continuing to organize and can see pretty stuff on my walls and desk again.

Those are some photos I took of my space last year and neglected to share here. I'm working towards this level of clean again...but better...less cluttered. I love having all of my Artbins filled with fat quarters, and my Sterlite bins filled with their own category of things under my cutting table and love that they are easily accessible. The large cutting table pictured above was custom made for me based off of a drawing I gave to the manufacturer to fit the space and to provide the highest level of (easy to access) organizing opportunities. You can find out more about my table by visiting this kidgiddy studio post.

I'm also organizing more of my slow stitching and on the go sewist stuff. I am still making a #SewPlushPlanner for metalsmithing class and all my metals, but I've also recently finished this Sew Plush Planner for my cross stitching and embroidery. These Aurifil Floss spools were not up on my wall, but previously haphazardly snuggling in a pouch. Sad spools. Now they have their own little spot and nest together when the sew plush planner is closed. You can fit 21 different colored spools in this format which is perfect for most cross stitching projects...and of course you can rotate as needed.

These new add on pages are coming soon, but you can see more of the original Sew Plush Planner here and find it in my kid giddy Etsy shop. The original sew plush planner I made houses my "on the go hexie" wares. I'm working on one sew plush planner for a different work in progress and one for my crochet needles and such too. I still have a feeling I'll need a few more! What would you put in yours? How do you stay organized? How do you decided what stays and what has to go? Do you have big plans to change things up this this new decade?

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope to see some ways you organize your space and your sewing travels needs. Feel free to share info below and also on Instagram by tagging me @kidgiddy.

Disclosure: I received the floss and threads from Aurifil and this post is a challenge for some of the Aurifil Artisans to share ways we organize our spaces and things, but the opinions and comments provided are always my own. Thank you.