Friday, May 22, 2020

Free Patterns: Birdhouse Mini Quilt and a Weighted Comfort Bunny

Hi all, I have two more fun and FREE projects for you to make over on the Bernina We All Sew website. Most recently I designed this Birdhouse Mini Quilt with my mom in mind. She loves birds (even own a couple at one time named Pete and Repeat) and raised four kids on her own while being an art teacher, so I designed it with four houses and a momma bird near by.
It works great for using up scraps for all the houses and the bird, as each block finishes at 3" and the mini quilt finishes at 12.5". For the background you'll only need a fat quarter or, you could easily sew up various scraps in shades of blue and then use them for larger pieces.  Don't want to sew smaller blocks, you can easily enlarge these blocks and trim the seam allowances to a true 1/4" to make a 24" mini quilt.

Last month, I designed this Weighted Comfort Bunny for the Bernina We All Sew website. It's a project near and dear to me. More than 20 years ago I found myself laying in a hospital during the springtime while in college covered in hives and miserable. Everything started a couple of days earlier, but I was eventually hospitalized and alone for at least a day (until my mom arrived). As I got better I was allowed to have some visitors that brought me a sweet little bunny stuffed animal from the gift shop. It’s the only reminder I have from my time in the hospital. In the months and years that followed, any time I got sick…"Sick Bunny" came out for cuddles. When I had my two girls and one of them got sick…Sick Bunny again came to the rescue.

Although we now have a real bunny (Lola), she’s not exactly a cuddle on demand animal. There’s no denying that animals (even stuffed toys) provide comfort in times of need. During this unique spring season, I want to share a sewing tutorial with all of you to help you make your own comfort bunny, with a little weight. The weight helps to feel like a constant hug. Just having it sit on your lap, or a child’s lap, can be of great comfort. If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety or depression during these very difficult and challenging times, this comfort bunny could be a wonderful gift to make and share. I make no medical claims or guarantees, but believe that this spring is that time to get sewing and try anything and everything to help our loved ones while in isolation. So head on over and make your own Weighted Comfort Bunny.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of your #BirdhouseMiniQuilt and your cuddle worthy #WeightedComfortBunny! Thanks so much for visiting and hope you enjoy sewing these fun projects! Please share your finished projects with me @kidgiddy on Instagram. Be sure to tag @berninausa too!

Disclosure: I received products from Shannon Fabrics, Bernina and Aurifil, as a designer, Bernina Ambassador and Aurifil Artisans to share ways I use my Bernina sewing machine and the threads, but the opinions and comments provided are always my own. Thank you.