Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Edible Wednesday: Delaware Chicken

Dela...what? Delaware Chicken. I just told my little Elephant we were having chicken tonight and she got bummed out. I don't know why she doesn't love chicken...but she doesn't. And for that matter - she doesn't love bread or sandwiches or hamburgers or much of anything else. And this hasn't always been, but more recently she's been deciding for herself - what it likes and doesn't. I don't suspect gluten free - but I wonder if something is up...

Ok - back from my bird walk. So I told her in the car we were having chicken. She wasn't thrilled. Then I said it was chicken like Aunt Sue's chicken! She sat up in her seat, raised her eyebrows and got all kinds of excited. I turned back around to continue driving and that's when I heard her say "mommy - I love delaware chicken!"....

Oh - so that's what it's called?! She cracks me up! So here it is. It's really time consuming - but worth it. Get out your crock pot. Get a whole bird. Rinse it - empty it out, and stick it in your crock pot. Speak kind words as you put the lid on top and crank it to high. (Low if it's in the morning - high around noon). And then walk away.
That's it. You literally pop it in and walk away. How insanely easy. It is time consuming - but for the crock pot - not you!!! It will literally fall off the bones (which you do have to be very careful of!)...but I think that's why elephant loves it so much. It's tender, juicy and downright yummy! Again people - watch your portion control, it's easy to get lost in the finger licking good of it!

So try yours tomorrow...and enjoy! kg

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Som's Studio said... [Reply]

Could you post the recipe please? Chicken looks yummy!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

Hi Som's Studio-

There really is no recipe. You literally get a whole chicken - gut it, rinse it and stick it in the crock pot. If you cook it all day - cook it on low, but watch the internal temp of the chicken so you don't over cook it. Same as if you cook it on high. All the juices you see in the crock pot - are from the bird.

Of course you can salt it and add other flavors as you wish - but hers was 100% plain jane!

Enjoy and thanks for reading my blog! kerry

Som's Studio said... [Reply]

Hey Kerry,

Thanks so much for your quick response. Wow, can I say that I am amazed at the simplicity of this recipe! I will absolutely try this. The chicken really looks amazing. And juicy too.

I am quite a foodie, but there are those days that I am bummed as to what to cook. Cant get any simpler than this. :)

Thanks again,

belleandboo said... [Reply]

i am sssooooo hungry now after reading your post, it sounds delicious

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