Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Edible Wednesday: Mini Taco Salads

Last summer my sister (the more creative one with food)...cut, sliced and diced this schmorgesborg of fixings for kid size taco salads. For some bizarre reason, I haven't made them since - but my girls LOVED it and so did I! Forgetful is most likely the reason, but you've got to try really takes no time at all!

You'll need these ingredients...

Bowl style tortilla chips
Black Olives
Ground cooked Protein
Black Beans
Sour Cream

Everything on my list is optional and of course add to this list anything else you might want to include in your mini taco salads! What can't you live without?

Cut, slice, dice, mince how ever you prefer...leave them in separate bowls or make separate piles on a large serving plate. Give each child a certain number of tortilla "bowls" on their plate and allow them to make their own salads.

With my own girls I put their protein in their bowl first, so they knew that had to be in there. Protein? They didn't care - they were just excited to make their salads and eat them too! This is another one of can't just have 5 - so be aware of the portion control if you choose to make these - it's easy to keep popping these in your mouth!

And folks...these aren't just for kids! These make a great party or dinner appetizer! Serve them up the next time you have company over! Thanks sis! Enjoy everyone! kg (pictures will be forthcoming).

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We do this all the time at our house--it's the best! Healthy, colorful and fun.

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