Friday, February 12, 2010

Giddy Up Friday: Kids Can Make Music Too!

Good Morning everyone...I realized that this is music week - and have postponed the Curtains on the Puppet Show until next week or the week after (no sure I have enough room to bring my sewing machine where I'm going)...but that's a whole other ball of wax...

In the meantime...I found this really awesome website for teaching kids about music and learning how to play, and found some really great online games too!

It starts here at Play - where you can choose from a variety of things to do (or learn more about). The best option - clearly is the Creating Music ("Try Writing Your Own Music"). Once you get to Creating Music - you can learn a whole host of things by playing different games. You can listen to the music and determine the pitch, or play with scales or simply - make your own music!

The possibilities are endless! If you are homeschooling, or teaching your child how to do something you love to do as a hobby (or career), or if they have even expressed interest themselves in learning - this is a great resource! No matter the reason - check it out. It's even fun for adults too!

Have a great, melodious weekend! kg


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