Monday, March 1, 2010

Busy Monday: Going Green?

Top o' the morning to ya - and a bountiful day. (evening at the rate I'm going!).  'tis the month of the wee little leprechans...and green clovers galore. So let us celebrate greenery. Greenisms. Let's get Greenalicious! (yep it's late).
If you are thinking of going green and haven't done it yet or have gone green and want to do more...this is the book you might want to invest in! This $5 book from Kohl's - The Green packed with delicious ideas.
You can find tons of ideas for work, home, taveling, entertainment, shopping, technology and so much more. I can read green tips for my healthy and beauty...while my husband can read beauty tips...oops - I mean green tips for a healthy lawn! He loves his lawn!!!
They also have at least a thousand links in the back to check out. Granted you have to type them all out - which can be quite painful...but worth it for sure! I went green just to get this...I waited for Kohl's to send me an email with a $0.99 offer for shipping. I figured - driving all the way out there to the store would cost me more than $0.99 for gas, and add wear and tear to my car, and create added polution (it's at least a 20-25 min drive). The mail man is always coming I figured - it was a better choice. I'm so glad I did...this book is really cool! Check it out - (this is not a paid endorsement), I just like sharing fun, great and awesome tips to all my friends! Goodnight! kg


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