Monday, March 8, 2010

Busy Monday: Leprechaun Pajamas

A long time ago my sister gave me this little pouch filled with m & m's and said they were "Santa's Pajamas"....I thought it was hysterical. I'm not sure where she got the idea from - but this past year, I didn't have time to make any pajamas for Santa or anyone else!
So earlier this year, I decided to make some Leprechaun pajamas! They aren't as big as Santa's (he's got some big britches!) - but with pointy toes and a little butt flap to boot - these are just as cute!

So here's what you need:
Green Felt 2 pieces per pajama set
1 piece of Black Felt
1 piece of Yellow Felt (bright - as in Gold)
Candy - something gold (either gold coins or butterscotch as I have - or something of your choice)
Hot Glue gun or Sewing Machine
Needle & Thread
And the Kid Giddy Leprechaun Pajama Pattern...

Step 1: Begin by cutting out all your pieces. Stitch or hot glue the buttons onto the front piece of the pajamas. On the other side of the pajamas (the other piece) - cut a slit in the back around the "tushy" section, no more than an 1 1/2" wide. This is where the candy will come out of - since the wee little Leprechauns like to hide their gold everywhere and in secret places!
Step 2: Sew or hot glue the back of the belt and the tushy guard onto the back piece. The belt should overlap the top edge of the tushy guard. And then sew the small section of the belt onto the front piece of the pajamas.
I did a 3 row stitch to avoid it ripping off by curious hands! Be sure to add the same stitching to the other end of the belt, as it will show on the front too (but you won't be stitching it down with the machine).
Step 3: Put both sides of the pajamas together and top stitch all the way around them, meeting end to end. You don't want any escape routes for the gold! After you've finished that, loop the gold buckle onto the belt and stitch with a couple of loops with a needle and thread.
Step 4: Stuff with gold, coins, candy - watever you'd like! M&M's and Jelly Beans work great too - if not better - since they will get down into the arms and feet!

Top o' the afternoon to ya!



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