Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy Monday: Upcycling Cards & Photos

I have had this stack of thank you cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, engagement photos, family photos, etc, growing for YEARS now! Many years ago when it wasn't so huge - I knew I wanted to do "something" really cool with them...but didn't know exactly what that cool something was yet.
To be honest - I'm still not so sure. But I have a pretty good idea where I want to take it - so the fire has been lit. This could still take me a long time to complete - but I thought I'd document the process here!
Here's some of the ideas I had/have...
1 - I thought it could make a really nice garland. But then I thought - it will hang around for a while, get dusty, probably wrinkled and desheveled, and then taken down and discarded at worst.
2 - Then I thought I could just throw it into an open top frame (I saw one years ago in a PB catalog)...and let them all collect in there as we go along in life - that could still be really cool, but I can't find the open top frame.
3 - I thought - I could very easily use them for gift tags - (in a bigger circle)...or notes to my girls in their lunch - but then I'd lose them all - slowly but surely!
4 - Then I thought I can do a huge collage of Jesus - since all my friends and family that cared enough to send these awesome cards and photos - would in essence - remind me of Him. But I worry I won't do a facial collage enough justice - esp with it being Jesus! (still worth a try - so the idea is not lost).
5 - Then I thought I could do a random pattern design with all of them - maybe even a little impressionist style - capturing the feel of Starry Night.
So that's where I'm at. For all of you wanting to do something's what I used. A 1 1/2" scalloped edge punch since I didn't want just a plain circle (you can get them in any craft store in the scrapbooking isle). I am fuss punching the cards and photos - but using as much of the extra as I can (fussy cutting in sewing terms - is cutting the fabric for a quilt or pattern so you get a specific image on each piece of fabric - rather than just cutting and getting whatever you get). The trick is to make sure you use the punch upside down - so you can see what you are punching out.

There will be more to post about this in the future - but for now - I still need to make a dent in this box! and I am very determined! If you've done this already - I'd love to know.  -kg


yours truly dear said... [Reply]

i love this! i always want to keep cards but josh is like "cluttttterrrr!!!" haha. i did keep all the ones we got from our wedding so i can do something special with them. this is a great idea. and i love that we're in it :] haha♥

Janelle said... [Reply]

Great idea! I love it. I have often saved pretty cards, thinking someday I'd do something with them. You've inspired me. Oh, and I love that you've got Todd & Jenneka in there...I miss them. :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

If you did that to any of mine you are fired as my twin. Period.

asia said... [Reply]

Such a smart idea! So happy I found your blog :)

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