Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Edible Wednesday: Do you like Green Eggs & Toast?

Do you like Green eggs and toast?

I surely like green eggs and toast!
I like green eggs and toast the most!

Since this is my lovely Leprechan week, and I'm still feeling a lot of love for green, and yesterday was Dr. Suess' birthday....I thought I'd combine my efforts and make some green eggs and toast! The eggs might be as you'd expect...but this is no ordinary toast!

Caution: Might cause way too much fun in the kitchen. By making this toast - I guarantee your children will want to do this OVER and OVER please be prepared for the "Mommy can we, Daddy can we...oh please please please please please!"

Step 1: Here's what you need:
Eggs (how ever many you will need. I used 2 Jumbos)
2 Pieces of Toast
Green Food coloring
1 Unused Paint Brush (never been used in paint! - preferably "food safe")
Measuring cups or Mixing bowls

Here's what you do:
Step 2: Put 3-4 drops of food coloring in a your cup or container. Carefully break open your eggs and separate the egg whites from the egg yolks without breaking the yolks. Put them aside.

Step 3: Mix your egg whites with the food coloring.

Step 4: Begin cooking up your egg whites (this should be done by an adult) by pouring in the colored whites first.

Step 5: Then gently pour the yolks on top in the center of the whites. I like my yolks runny (if I eat them)...and will usually make my eggs "over easy". But to avoid breaking the yolks, I put a lid over it to cook the whites more. (I don't like runny whites).

Step 6: Mix a little food coloring with water. Not too much, 2-3 drops, and maybe a tablespoon of water. (Please be sure to use a new paint brush that has not been used in paints to avoid contamination or illness. Even better, you can find pastry brushes and cake decorating brushes I'm sure.) Dip your brush in the food color/ water mixture frequently and gently dab the color on your bread (white works best). To avoid children tearing and shreading the bread - you can always use a frozen slice of bread. When you have completed your "design" or "message" (school lunch)...toast it to dry out the water.

This works for many occasions! My kids love getting special messages on their sandwiches at lunch time! I don't do it all the time - but once in a while it's a real treat!

So - do you like green eggs and toast?
Do you like green eggs and toast the most?

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! -kg


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