Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Edible Wednesday: Fluffernutter Balls

Ever since I made my first fluffernutter ball in the second grade at GSS in Texas...with Mrs. R.B. - I have thought about them, remembered them, and have wanted to make them again.

I don't remember her smearing anything in my hands - but I remember rolling the mess together and forming a ball. I'm not even sure I remember eating them!? I think the freedom of this mixing sticky yummy stuff - was most of what stuck with me all these years (no pun intended!).
So we picked up some fluff at the grocery store the last time we were in there...and more peanut butter. While waiting for dinner to be ready, I decided to let the girls make some fluffernutter balls and have all the fun so I could take pictures! (You can mix them in a bowl....but kids will love this tactile experience!)
They thought the peanut butter felt different than the fluff and squealed with each one I put on their hands...and giggled often! As they began smooshing it, it took no time at all for them to begin forming a ball and peeling it off their hands. This isn't a totally clean activity - but it can be contained easily!
So get some fluff, peanut butter (or sunbutter or something else if you have nut allergies)...use equal amounts, and start mixing. After you've mixed it - you can roll the ball in crushed oreo's, coconut, melted chocolate or anything else you want for some simple truffles. Enjoy your edible wednesday! -kg


Coupon Clippin' Mommy said... [Reply]

oh man that looks yummy...and messy!

Lisa at Visual Journey Photo said... [Reply]

I'm glad your blog is working again.

Wow, these sound good and look fun! Time to go shopping.

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