Friday, April 23, 2010

Giddy Up Friday: 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

We just love Jack Johnson, so as I type this, I will be humming his Recycle song in my head!

My daughter was getting creative to make the Easter Bunny a little present. (Easter - I know - a little late...but I have had so much other stuff to do. I thought I'd save it for next year, but then realized I could show off her work for a Giddy Up Earth Day Craft on the heels of Earth Day!) She ended up going through the recycle bin and all around the house making "something" (she wouldn't tell me until she was done). An hour later - I was introduced to this little bunny and knew I had to share it!
So here is the idea. Go through your recycle bin (hopefully you rinse/clean your stuff)...and give your child some tape or glue and some scissors. Let them make something. A bunny, a piggy bank, a 2 car garage for their little toy cars, a house, a bed, anything! You can do it too!

Here are the things my daughter used...
Yogurt Cup
Styrofoam ball
Bottle Cap
Wrapping Paper scraps
Q-Tips (these were clean & brand new - in case you were wondering!)
Pins (for the eyes & nose)
Paper scraps

The possibilities are endless! Think out side of the box...or in it...just have fun creating! If you do this project and blog about it - let me know by leaving a link in the comment field...I'd love to check it out! -kg


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