Thursday, April 1, 2010

Party Starts Saturday

Hi everyone, Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Remember last Saturday when I mentioned I was letting go of Seller Satruday, and starting a new chapter of my blog...well this Saturday, and the first Saturday of every month, I will be giving one lucky Kid Giddy Blog reader/follower a stop Thumb Sucking Cover of their choice (can also be a finger sucking guard!!!).

Follow along and be sure to check back on Saturday for your chance to win our first stop Thumb Sucking Cover to help your child kick the habit once and for all! For more information about our Thumb Sucking Covers, please check out this post!

Two Thumbs Up Testimonial:
Danielle:  "Hi Kerry, I wanted to let you know that my 6-year old daughter looked forward to wearing it, in fact she kept asking when it was going to come in the mail. She wore it for about 2 weeks, and it looks like her habit has been kicked. She doesn't want to wear it anymore since she has stopped sucking her thumb.
   I'm actually shocked she stopped the habit so quickly since she's been an avid thumb sucker since she was about 6 months old. She wore the thumb guard almost 24/7, only removing it for showers. She even wore it to school and she wasn't embarrassed by it. 
   Thanks again, and I'm really happy with your product."

If you really don't want to wait that long - wait for Saturday, or your chance to win - please visit my Etsy shop to order yours today from our in stock collection of Smalls or Mediums. More will be added again soon - esp Girl Mediums!

See you all on Saturday (and no - this is not an april fools joke - this is Real People!!!!) -kg


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I really need one of these for my daughter, Cara! She's driving me crazy! :)

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