Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy Monday: How Our Yard Grows....

Last year we had all of our plants pulled up out of the ground in the front of our house. Some of the "keeper" plants were added into the landscaping plans and the thorny invasive plants were cast out. We also added a beautiful lamp post and our friend "Forest". Here's a little tour of our yard. As the days go on, I'm looking forward to seeing it fill in as the years go on and looking forward to clipping all the lavender (not pictured) for more organic home made sachets!
Mini Crab Apple Tree Buds

Lamp Post Globe Fixture

Fuzzy Lamb Ears

Tinkerbell Lilac Blossoms

Chatterer's Front Door in our Garden's Rock Wall

This is Chatterer. We have since had to move him. Sad!

My Mother's Day White Lilacs

Here is Forest. He now hides behind the Lavender and watches over our Garden

I have so many others that I didn't photograph, which I will post another time. Do you garden? Do you have a favorite plant/flower? Have you blogged about it? I'd love to see. Comment below and share your post link...

Have a great day!


Lauren, said... [Reply]

I love gardening! My husband is a pastor, so we live in a parsonage. We have lived in our current home for two years, and I have loved re-doing the landscaping. The yard had needed some love. Like you, I am enjoying seeing it fill in over time. I find gardening blogs are not easy to come by, and I don't blog myself, just read them! Thanks for sharing from your garden.

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