Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Edible Wednesday: Challah Bread French Toast

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My taste buds go for all things french toast! I'd eat it for every meal of every day if I knew my body would be ok with that, so when I was visiting my mom's house recently and she mentioned "French Toast" - my ears perked right up and I paid attention! Not only is this recipe yummy - let me rephrase -'s so completely easy to make! SO thanks mom (who got it from someone at school - who got it from who knows where) thanks everyone - I'll be gaining a few pounds from this one I'm sure - or I'll have to get on my bike a few more times!

Here's what you need:
1 Loaf Challah Bread - this beautiful knotted/braided looking bread
3 Cups Milk (read - Skim, Whole, Half and Half - Light Cream - whatever).
12 Eggs (Yeah - not a typo: the rule of thumb is - 1 Cup of milk for every 4 eggs...Isn't that how you'd make regular french toast? This is just all at  once, so it seems like alot)
Vanilla Extract to taste
Cinnamon to taste
Nutmeg to taste
(Maybe even) Ground Ginger to taste (see what I'm getting at here? - add what ever you'd like!)

Here's what you do:
Slice up your Challah Bread in nice Texas style (big) thick slices (I got about 8 good ones)
Crack the eggs first in a bowl. (Do this first to avoid losing shell bits in the milk)! Then add the dairy.
Dump in all your extra flavorings: Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, etc. How ever much you'd use when making regular french toast - do that 3 times. Maybe 3 tsps each? It's up to you. Less is best when you are not sure!
Slowly - and I mean slowly (so you don't splatter) pour in the mixture over your challah bread. I tried to pour just over the tops of the bread since they won't be "soaked" over night as the bottom will. Pour until it's all gone! Cover with plastic wrap and set in fridge overnight!
In the morning, take it out and preheat your oven to 375 degrees. Remove plastic wrap and place the pan in the oven for about 30 - 45 minutes - you gotta really watch it (I didn't and you can see the little burning on the tips as a result - don't do that!) Remove and let cool a bit. Dude - can you smell it yet??? AMAZING!
Once it's ready and not going to burn anyone - pull out a slice and top with what ever your heart desires! For me - that's real Maple Syrup and a sprinkling of Powdered Sugar! Talk about a party in my tummy! Whoo!

So - now - for what I'd try differently the next time....I'd love to see if I can use a little less of the milk and eggs - Maybe 2 cups and 8 eggs. Lay the bread flat on a cookie sheet with walls and see if it could cook faster and more evenly. But that's try it out - and see what you get. Tell me what you'd try differently...Enjoy folks - and come back for more yummy recipes and fun crafts and tutorials - thanks for coming by my kitchen!!


Amanda and Katie said... [Reply]

We love frenchtoast in my family!! This looks so good. I will have to try this recipe. My husband will not eat pancakes, but he loves frenchtoast. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

yours truly dear said... [Reply]

yummmm! i love challah bread. it's one of my favorites. and i love french toast. so basically, this is a match made in heaven :]

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Don't forget what a timesaver this is when you have several people waiting for breakfast! Regular French Toast would take quite a lot of time - focused time, no less - standing by the pan or griddle, dipping, dripping, watching, flipping, waiting... This is made in one big dish, pops into the oven - and does all the work for you! -Mom

The Damsel In Dis Dress said... [Reply]

Holy co--that looks seriously good.

Keri Lee Sereika said... [Reply]

Mmmmm when's breakfast??? Looks DELISH!

Amanda said... [Reply]

Can you come to my house?

Last time I made French Toast I burnt (smoke detectors and all) my husband said I can bake cakes, cookies, etc. but no more French Toast.

Kelley said... [Reply]

For at least ten years I've made this recipe with French bread, no vanilla, no spices and only eight (8) eggs to your dozen and 3 cups milk. In a 13x9, I fit the slices flat into the pan like a puzzle, making sure there are no spaces. As it bakes, it swells and puffs up, then flattens after it's out of the oven. I serve it hot, cutting it in squares because it's a casserole. It's delicious made with raisin bread, too! And I always make this when company comes to town. To round out the meal, serve pork or turkey sausage or bacon, grits (we're from the South!) and fresh fruit. When we were raising our family, Monday's supper was always breakfast. This was a weekly menu no-brainer, plus one of the cheapest meals ever! And French Toast Casserole is great leftover, too.

Wendy said... [Reply]

Ooooh...this looks YUM! I wonder if I could pull it off as a Fall supper?

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