Thursday, March 24, 2011

Throw-Back Thursday: My Twin - 2 Really is Beautiful!

I had to do it....I had to post a picture of my twin sister and I wearing the "official" "2 is Beautiful" shirts that our mom designed and had printed so many years ago! This is my throw back moment for the week.
Guess which one is me in the comments below...I just might have to award a prize to one lucky commenter that gets it right! (must be posted by Saturday midnight - winner will be chosen on Monday!)
This is also the official name of my LLC and about 6 years ago when I went to "establish" my company, I asked my mom if I could buy her logo from her and use that name. She said that was fine - but made me pay $1. (I love my mom!)

There's always a here's the story behind the name....My mom was a part of a Mothers of Multiples group in Texas! The name of the group was 2 is Beautiful. We actually went to Kindergarten with another set of twins and 1 set of Triplets! How cool is that! I guess it was something in that BIG Texas water tower!? lol! After we left Texas the group slowly disbanned as we all grew up and apart.I don't think we have any of the original t-shirts left that my mom had printed - but pretty soon I will offer them in my Etsy shop!

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Jennilee Gervais said... [Reply]

Your on the right!! So cute! I agree, 2 IS beautiful!!

Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said... [Reply]

So cute. You are on the right?!?!

I need shirts like that for my duo!!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

I hope to have the shirts available this summer!

Feel free to post your twins on my facebook page! I know Jennilee''s so fun to see them in the dojo once in a while!

It's always a good time to celebrate the twins!

melissa said... [Reply]

You are absolutely on the right and sue is on the left. I just miss you girls!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Oh I guess the little one on the right who looks EXACTLY like your little Elliot might possibly be YOU! :) <3 gumdrop

Jen P-Saunders said... [Reply]

Totally you Kerry on the right and I know hair color can change but I am sticking with my answer.

Isabelle said... [Reply]

I am 100% sure that your are the baby on the right! You look so much like your daughters - yes, I see Monkey and Elephant in you! LOL ☺

I am assuming that your sister and you are not identical twins, right? Still, I agree that "2 IS beautiful" and so ARE the two of you! ☺

I know where you got your crativity and talent. I love the shirts your Mom made for her "twinettes"! ☺

Kristine Jones said... [Reply]

You're on the right!!!

Sharlene said... [Reply]

Oh KerrBear...that is you on the right!

Momma Cookson said... [Reply]

but of course, you are on the right. those beautiful brown eyes give you away everytime. Such cute baby girls, and even more beautiful women. Love and miss you both!!

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