Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My HUGE News....Anna Griffin Sewing Patterns...by ME!

So It's Tuesday, two days after a very amazing and very long Spring Quilt Market weekend. I slept much of yesterday after dropping my girls off at school, yet it didn't seem like enough when it was time to pick them up. I'm still very sleep & family deprived after many months of working my tail off since attending the Craft & Hobby Convention in LA. I still haven't finished recapping that weekend - since I started working immediately for Anna Griffin, Inc.! But I will soon...really!
Did you read that?...that I worked with Anna Griffin? So here's the big news. I approached her booth at the CHA convention and spoke to her Communications Manager (love Lindsey!) and explained what I do and that I would love to work with Anna. I asked that she come to visit my Designer showcase table the next day if she had time and much to my surprise, found Anna approaching my table that very next day. She loved my work and we immediately began talking about some opportunities for the Spring Quilt Market.
Without providing all of the details - I made my proposal, and it was accepted and we went from there. I received loads of fabric and began whipping up samples and patterns as we discussed, writing all of the instructions and digitally drawing all of the illustrations for each of the patterns. So for all of you fine folks out there desperately waiting for your thumb covers while my shop was closed and then open but not shipping...this is what I was working on all those months! (thank you for your patience!)
It was a very intense and very rewarding opportunity to work with Anna Griffin and all of her wonderful people (like Lindsey and Holley)! This is just the beginning. I have more great stuff to tell you in the future - but again...it's all under wraps for now. You'll be there first to know (aside from my close family) when the cat is out of the next bag!
So here are some Anna Griffin, Inc Sewing Patterns that will be available in a quilt shop near you (designed by me) come mid to late June....The Scotty Dog with his cute little cape, The Bone Pillow, The Peony Pillow, the Sunflower Pillow and the Butterfly Pillow!
What's even more awesome than all of this...is that when they come out - you can come back here for a chance to win a pattern for yourself! Anna has given me permission to give some to my readers! And I just might have to throw in some of her gorgeous fabric that I have remaining! So what do you think? Do you have a favorite? Please do tell! Thanks for stopping by - thanks for reading Kid Giddy and sharing in my joy and accomplishments!

Have a splendid day!


The Pratt Family said... [Reply]

Seriously so proud of you!! Love them all and can't wait to make the flower ones!!!

Sarah said... [Reply]

Awesome! Congrats!!

yours truly dear said... [Reply]

congratulations! that is SO amazing!!! they are all adorable, and the fabrics are great too. i'd definitely look forward to a giveaway. again, congrats!! so happy for you, and proud that youve had so many awesome accomplishments!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

Thanks everyone!!! It's been very exciting, despite the hard work!

Proud Momma!!! said... [Reply]

When can we buy these lovely patterns and in what stores? Can't wait to see them and try out a couple! (and when did my little girl grow up and start doing such big girl things?!)

Kerry_Kid Giddy said... [Reply]

Thanks Mom - I'll send you one!

For the most part they will be shipping in mid June to quilt shops that placed orders during quilt market! If your quilt shop doesn't have them by then - tell them to order some!

And trust me - I haven't grown up yet! lol!

Hen Jen said... [Reply]

oh wow, congratulations on all your hard work and time investments paying off! Yay you! I don't sew, but that sunflower pillow looks like fun!

Sonia Barton said... [Reply]

Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity. I love the doggie, I sewed one similar to it in High School and then never found the pattern again. Can't wait for the patterns.

Rachel said... [Reply]

Found your site from BlogFrog-

Those are fantastic patterns, and the fabric is beautiful. Too bad you can't just buy one though- I don't know how I'll ever get near a sewing machine any time soon...

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