Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Monday: Attacking the Dandelions: Getting Rid of the Dandelions One by One

I know in the times of the great depression, Dandelion greens were a commodity and delicious treat...and I also know that some people love dandelions in their yard (like my hubby)...but I for one do not love them. I don't want to eat them (unless I was starving), I don't love the yellow weeds against all the pretty green that much, and I certainly don't want to step on a bee that is enjoying them, just to be stung! "I do not like them Sam, I am!"
Place coil directly into the center of the plant
So my neck of the woods - I am attacking the dandelions one by one. I'm removing every dandelion in my yard until there are no more! We kind of missed the spring cut off to use some chemical free dandelion killer (in the form of making my grass less sweet or something) we had to go to plan B....The coil!
"The Coil" (reminds me of "the claw" from the movie Liar Liar!)
 Oh my heavens - I LOVE this thing. It is for sure a work out, and if you have a slightly bad back - you should be careful and forewarned (from all the bending forward) - but this coil - dandelion remover - makes my heart sing! I really have no problems ripping these things out from their core root systems and reseeding with grass to kill them!
Start twisting the coil, straight down into the center
Once the coil is all the way down gently pull straight up
Pull it our of the ground - root and all - and then uncoil it and loosen the soil from the roots
I can assure you I have not been paid for this post - to mention this tool or market and I can assure you I paid a pretty penny for the tool itself - but I've been searching the internet for all my options and never found this one! So I share it now with all of you! Hopefully you can find one in your area - otherwise you'll have to call Highland Farms Market!

Oh - and I guess we have some really good soil - because we have a ton of these little slimy critters! I think I found one worm for every 3rd weed I pulled up! That's not shabby, so if you need any for fishing - just let me know! lol!
little worm on my daughter's little glove covered hand
I have way more dandelions to go - but 2 bucket fulls have already made a significant difference! YEAH - isn't it so exciting?! Have a great week!


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